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Product Warranty

All jewelry produced by ZL Jewelry is assayed by the Okregowy Urzad Probierczy w Warszawie. All precious stones and stones of organogenic origin are accompanied by certificates of reputable laboratories GIA, HRD, IGI and others, or certified by an in-house gemologist.

Free service includes the elimination of hidden defects caused by the manufacturer. To perform warranty repair, replacement or free service, the client should have the following: a bill of sale (exchange or production) with a date stamp, and an ID document.

Warranty obligations do not apply to jewelry, if the conditions of use and care of jewelry were violated:

Items are repaired within 14 days from the date of presentation. The signature of the owner of the product on the receipt shows that the purchaser has agreed to repairs lasting up to 14 days.

The purchaser agrees that all damage and defects that may be discovered in the product during repair occurred prior to the acceptance of the product for repair.

ZL Jewelry reserves the right not to accept the product upon inspection if the inspection of the product reveals attempts at self-repair or damage caused by the purchaser.

By your signature on the warranty repair request, the purchaser agrees to the longest possible warranty repair period if the damage to the product is not the fault of the manufacturer.

In case of an accidental defect, the beginning of the repair works is considered to be the first day after its delivery to the workshop.

Warranty service is provided with a receipt, tag and passport (in whose name the purchase (exchange or manufacture) of the product was registered).

The warranty does not cover defects which have arisen as a result of careless use or use for other than its intended purpose without the care of the jewelry.



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