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Nylon jewelry laces

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Rope blackRope black
Артикул P13022007M
Rope black
1 138 pln
Rope with rotating partsRope with rotating parts
Артикул К6001М
Rope with rotating parts
34 337 pln
Rope "Gift of the Gods"Rope "Gift of the Gods"
Артикул МН01490L
Rope "Gift of the Gods"
5 132 pln
Rope "Combination"Rope "Combination"
Артикул МН0012G
Rope "Combination"
5 234 pln
Rope "Magic of words"Rope "Magic of words"
Артикул МН0015WG
Rope "Magic of words"
3 782 pln
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Rope "Nominal"Rope "Nominal"
Артикул МН0245L
Rope "Nominal"
6 711 pln
Rope "Six Prayers"Rope "Six Prayers"
Артикул МН7416L
Rope "Six Prayers"
13 132 pln
Rope "Save and Save" with a prayerRope "Save and Save" with a prayer
Артикул МН7414WG
Rope "Save and Save" with a prayer
4 764 pln
Rope "Masons"Rope "Masons"
Артикул МН1113E
Rope "Masons"
31 611 pln
Rope "Archangel"Rope "Archangel"
Артикул МН3154L
Rope "Archangel"
3 211 pln
Rope "Save and Save"Rope "Save and Save"
Артикул МН3214G
Rope "Save and Save"
4 786 pln
Rope "90 psalm" in white goldRope "90 psalm" in white gold
Артикул МН2143M
Rope "90 psalm" in white gold
17 904 pln
Rope "Five prayers"Rope "Five prayers"
Артикул МН7411G
Rope "Five prayers"
15 135 pln
Rope "Dragons"Rope "Dragons"
Артикул МН1722L
Rope "Dragons"
22 301 pln
Rope "Guardians"Rope "Guardians"
Артикул МН2204M
Rope "Guardians"
18 900 pln
Rope "Eragon"Rope "Eragon"
Артикул МН41654G
Rope "Eragon"
4 894 pln
Rope "Muse"Rope "Muse"
Артикул МН46385G
Rope "Muse"
1 724 pln
Rope "Tefnut"Rope "Tefnut"
Артикул М46544WH
Rope "Tefnut"
1 077 pln
Rope "Prayer"Rope "Prayer"
Артикул MH3590G
Rope "Prayer"
22 234 pln
Rope "Omega"Rope "Omega"
Артикул MH457G
Rope "Omega"
3 563 pln
Rope "Hieroglyphs"Rope "Hieroglyphs"
Артикул МН1643G
Rope "Hieroglyphs"
5 180 pln
Rope "White Guardian"Rope "White Guardian"
Артикул МН3597WM
Rope "White Guardian"
23 769 pln
Rope "Grinner"Rope "Grinner"
Артикул М73613G
Rope "Grinner"
5 402 pln

The stylish nylon men's jewellery laces at ZL JEWELRY

The jewellery nylon laces are a great addition for a cross, incense or pendant. There are several varieties of laces, but the ones made of nylon are of reasonable price, durability and respectable appearance. Such a gift will please every fan of jewellery.

The nylon laces for every taste

In the jewelry online shop "ZL JEWELRY" you will find exclusive ropes that will advantageously decorate any medallion. There are many different models of nylon cord:

The latch can take the form of a turret, a box or a nut. Masters actively experiment with shades of ropes.

  1. The blue and red variants look interesting.
  2. Rope with shaped inserts will appeal to those who like to stand out from the crowd and prefer originality in accessories.
  3. The jewellery with an engraving or cross motif looks chic. Such a piece of jewellery can become a talisman against trouble and misfortune after being consecrated in a church with incense.

Jewellery craftsmanship does not stop there. The cord may be of different weaves. Some are dense and therefore as protected as possible from damage. Thin ones are more succinct and stand out less on the body. The type of weave also determines the use of a particular clasp.

The price of each nylon lanyard with gold lock can be found on the product page. Delivery is available all over Poland.

What should be the shoelace for the cross

The gold cross is a popular piece of jewellery. It's common to pick up a nylon shoelace for the cross, whether it's decorative or a religious symbol, guided by one's taste. If you're at a loss, ask our sales staff for advice.

Our shop sells quality ropes that won't tear over time. You will not lose your amulet even if you are on constant extreme trips. Available models in our catalogue do not chafe your skin, do not cause irritation and allergies.

The care rules for nylon shoelace

Nylon shoelace with gold inserts is resilient and with proper care is characterized by a long service life. What is not recommended is to stretch the rope. It will not return to its original length if this is done.

Also, the product should not be dried on a hot radiator if it gets wet, to avoid kinks. It is better to lay out the jewellery in its unfolded form and let it dry naturally. Dust the nylon with a soft cloth.

Why do you need to buy nylon lanyard from the manufacturer ZL JEWELRY

In the catalogue of our online shop offers designer jewellery from the manufacturer. Our team takes into account the wishes of customers and monitors fashion trends in the jewellery industry.

Online visitors of our website can order popular models, such as nylon lanyards with gold inserts. We cooperate with trusted shipping companies that deliver parcels at reasonable prices and in the shortest possible time.

When you decide to buy a jewelry nylon lanyard from ZL JEWELRY online shop, you will become the owner of a piece of jewellery that will be noticed in every look! Buy quality jewellery from us with delivery in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Lodz, Poznan, Gdansk, and you will be satisfied!


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