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Gold bracelets up to 30 grGold bracelets up to 30 grGold bracelets from 30 grGold bracelets from 30 grLeather bracelets with gold insertsLeather bracelets with gold inserts Silk bracelets with gold inserts Silk bracelets with gold insertsBracelets made of natural stonesBracelets made of natural stones
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Bracelet "Anchor"Bracelet "Anchor"
Артикул NSV1603M
Bracelet "Anchor"
5 489 pln
Bracelet "Saints"Bracelet "Saints"
Артикул B3045M
Bracelet "Saints"
69 716 pln
Bracelet "Fire dragon" on the skinBracelet "Fire dragon" on the skin
Артикул В2221G
Bracelet "Fire dragon" on the skin
4 091 pln
Bracelet logo "G"Bracelet logo "G"
Артикул В7590М
Bracelet logo "G"
20 295 pln
Bracelet "Golden key"Bracelet "Golden key"
Артикул B7121M
Bracelet "Golden key"
3 104 pln
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Bracelet "Muse"Bracelet "Muse"
Артикул B0042L
Bracelet "Muse"
7 764 pln
Bracelet "Odyssey"Bracelet "Odyssey"
Артикул BM7831M
Bracelet "Odyssey"
27 285 pln
Bracelet "Initials"Bracelet "Initials"
Артикул BJ7314WL
Bracelet "Initials"
3 852 pln
Bracelet "Scandinavia"Bracelet "Scandinavia"
Артикул B4509WL
Bracelet "Scandinavia"
135 374 pln
Bracelet tree of lifeBracelet tree of life
Артикул B6712M
Bracelet tree of life
2 613 pln
Bracelet FortuneBracelet Fortune
Артикул BN0956E
Bracelet Fortune
1 080 pln
Starry sky braceletStarry sky bracelet
Артикул B1309WG
Starry sky bracelet
5 771 pln
Bracelet Arabian nightBracelet Arabian night
Артикул NB8109M
Bracelet Arabian night
2 932 pln
Bracelet Summer shineBracelet Summer shine
Артикул B0012L
Bracelet Summer shine
2 653 pln
Carolina braceletCarolina bracelet
Артикул B8712L
Carolina bracelet
9 151 pln
Solarium braceletSolarium bracelet
Артикул B3401L
Solarium bracelet
6 092 pln
Bracelet InitialsBracelet Initials
Артикул B0934M
Bracelet Initials
3 239 pln
Heart melody braceletHeart melody bracelet
Артикул BJ0012WL
Heart melody bracelet
4 329 pln
Star path braceletStar path bracelet
Артикул B6681M
Star path bracelet
12 120 pln
Yakos braceletYakos bracelet
Артикул VK4598M
Yakos bracelet
1 041 pln
Bracelet FamilyBracelet Family
Артикул VK6719M
Bracelet Family
2 555 pln
Bracelet Family TiesBracelet Family Ties
Артикул VK7823M
Bracelet Family Ties
10 855 pln
Bracelet with the faces of saintsBracelet with the faces of saints
Артикул В0923M
Bracelet with the faces of saints
74 794 pln

Quality gold bracelets from ZL JEWELRY

Jewellery made of precious materials and stones, which are known to mankind since ancient times, are bracelets. Gold bracelets for women were not just an ornament, but also a great way to demonstrate their status. Have not lost their popularity and to this day precious products. Modern men and women enjoy using gold bracelets to complement a variety of attire, making the image complete and elegant, expressing their individuality.

You can buy gold bracelet and other jewellery on favorable terms in our shop. In our catalogue you will find many unique jewellery pieces which have been created by skilled jewelers. You can also buy exclusive jewellery in gold and gemstones for yourself or as a gift for your family and friends.

Different variations of bracelets made of gold

We regularly update our selection with stylish new items so you can easily find exclusive options for yourself or a loved one. The items we offer can be made from the following materials:

Depending on the weaving features, gold bracelets for men, as well as jewellery for women can have one of the following designs:

  1. "Bismarck". This variation represents one or more rows of links that bind together. Bismarck bracelets are renowned for their secure linkage and long wearing life.
  2. "Love. These bracelets are characterised by plain, rounded loops joined at the edges. At a first glance it looks as if the bracelet consists of a set of hearts. The openwork weave looks very delicate.
  3. "Anchor", "Shell". Such products are very popular, as they have an expensive and stylish look. A characteristic feature of jewellery is the location of links in different planes. Bracelets with double and triple weave are considered the most durable.
  4. "Figaro, Korda. This offer is appreciated by lovers of exclusive jewellery, because for their creation using a complex technique. Wizards create original drawings from loops and rings. The Figaro weave jewellery has a flat shape, thanks to which it is comfortable to wear.

Our online shop "ZL Jewelry" pleased to offer you stylish jewellery in various shapes and sizes. You will find a wide range of options that will please you and that will satisfy all your criteria.

Where to buy gold bracelets at a reasonable price in Poland

To buy handmade gold bracelets and wedding bands you need to browse our catalogue, choose models and place your order. It is important to correctly size your jewellery so that it fits perfectly. Our specialists will be happy to provide advice and help with the selection of models and ordering with delivery in cities such as Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Lodz, Poznan, Gdansk. We will do everything necessary to ensure that the work is completed within the agreed deadline.


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