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Gold pendants

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Pendant "St. Guardian Angel"Pendant "St. Guardian Angel"
Артикул Р9814M
Pendant "St. Guardian Angel"
9 387 pln
Pendant "Trident falcon"Pendant "Trident falcon"
Артикул Р7465WM
Pendant "Trident falcon"
8 606 pln
Suspension "Ray of the sun"Suspension "Ray of the sun"
Артикул P4124E
Suspension "Ray of the sun"
25 749 pln
Pendant "Little Princess"Pendant "Little Princess"
Артикул PD3209G
Pendant "Little Princess"
613 pln
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Pendant "Boy" with sapphirePendant "Boy" with sapphire
Артикул PD4009G
Pendant "Boy" with sapphire
793 pln
Pendant "Girl" with stonesPendant "Girl" with stones
Артикул PD4109G
Pendant "Girl" with stones
894 pln
Pendant "Boy" with stonesPendant "Boy" with stones
Артикул PD4309G
Pendant "Boy" with stones
400 pln
Pendant "Imprint of the Soul"Pendant "Imprint of the Soul"
Артикул E4811WL
Pendant "Imprint of the Soul"
3 212 pln
Pendant "Flower of Wishes"Pendant "Flower of Wishes"
Артикул Е1216E
Pendant "Flower of Wishes"
395 pln
Pendant "Tree of Life" with diamondsPendant "Tree of Life" with diamonds
Артикул Е5331WM
Pendant "Tree of Life" with diamonds
3 941 pln
Bitcoin pendantBitcoin pendant
Артикул Е1416M
Bitcoin pendant
1 393 pln
Pendant "Clover" with onyxPendant "Clover" with onyx
Артикул Е1446М
Pendant "Clover" with onyx
1 565 pln
Pendant "Letter"Pendant "Letter"
Артикул Е1534M
Pendant "Letter"
500 pln
Personalized engraved pendantPersonalized engraved pendant
Артикул Е5011M
Personalized engraved pendant
7 950 pln
"Matchstick" pendant"Matchstick" pendant
Артикул Е1255M
"Matchstick" pendant
920 pln
"Sides of the World" pendant"Sides of the World" pendant
Артикул Е5312M
"Sides of the World" pendant
2 032 pln
"Libertas" pendant"Libertas" pendant
Артикул Е1421М
"Libertas" pendant
2 082 pln
Pair of "Halves" pendants Pair of "Halves" pendants
Артикул Е4451М
Pair of "Halves" pendants
798 pln
Pair of "Halves" pendants Pair of "Halves" pendants
Артикул Е1547М
Pair of "Halves" pendants
850 pln
Jellyfish pendantJellyfish pendant
Артикул Е1371М
Jellyfish pendant
11 943 pln
"Month" pendant"Month" pendant
Артикул Е0018WL
"Month" pendant
1 393 pln

Gold pendants at “ZL JEWELRY”: a striking addition to the look

A pendant is a piece of jewellery worn on a gold chain or lace. Modern fashionable women use models from various collections presented in the jewellery shop "ZL JEWELRY". Professional craftsmen make unique solutions with their own hands, decorated with precious stones and without incrustation.

In the catalogue of our shop you will find the latest novelties and beloved products at reasonable prices. But before you decide which model you should buy, get in touch with our expert recommendations.

What features do you need to know about gold pendants?

Gold pendants are purchased taking into consideration the grade of the precious metal, the weight of the finished product, the appearance and the quality characteristics of the inserts of the selected solutions. The price of the jewellery depends on the number of inserts and stone inlay.

The pendant may contain an engraving. Products come in different configurations. Some versions are decorated with images of plants and animal figures. The decoration can be in the form of laser cuttings, etc. To create exclusive gold pendants, original elements are used:

What materials are gold pendants made of?

Gold pendants and pendants can withstand shocks and are not deformed. The jewellery is strong, long-lasting and comfortable to wear and looks beautiful. In addition, the jewellery sector offers pendants in various shades.

  1. White colour of metal. Metal has a steel luster, it turns into a delicate and refined jewellery. With this product can create business and casual look, evening and everyday images. Buy a gold pendant stylists recommend women colortypes Winter and Summer.
  2. Yellow Gold. A classic alloy that includes copper and silver. It is an ideal option for girls with a "warm" appearance - we are talking about the Spring and Summer colortypes. Yellow gold pendants look chic. The laconic design of the jewellery allows you to combine them when creating a business look.

The price of the piece is determined by the complexity of its execution, shape, configuration and weight. On our website, you can safely choose any pendant - each made by an experienced craftsman who has extensive experience, skills and knowledge of jewelry fashion. The pendant looks interesting together with the frankincense. Gold name icons can be ordered in a couple of clicks.

Gold pendant inlay has values

To make the jewellery more expressive and striking it is customary to decorate medallions with precious stones. The inlay is chosen according to the designers' recommendations.

  1. Inlay in your favourite shades. The colour type of appearance in this case does not matter much. A pendant with a chain is worn not only on the naked body, but also on a dress or festive golf. Therefore, the gems can be of any kind.
  2. Some people pay attention to magical properties of minerals.
  3. Be guided by the sign of the zodiac.

Buy a gold pendant at “ZL JEWELRY”

Gold pendant can be bought to order with delivery all over Europe. We have regular customers from Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other countries.

Buying online allows you to make your most daring jewellery dreams come true in just a couple of minutes! A pendant can be one of them.


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