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Necklace with diamonds

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Necklace "Love"Necklace "Love"
Артикул A235674F
Necklace "Love"
2 159 pln
Pendant "Witch" with sapphiresPendant "Witch" with sapphires
Артикул P0905938WM
Pendant "Witch" with sapphires
3 944 pln
Necklace "Heart" with diamondsNecklace "Heart" with diamonds
Артикул А2202927WF
Necklace "Heart" with diamonds
4 263 pln
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"Starry Sky" necklace"Starry Sky" necklace
Артикул А1445WM
"Starry Sky" necklace
13 456 pln
"Heart" necklace with diamonds"Heart" necklace with diamonds
Артикул А0959WM
"Heart" necklace with diamonds
2 202 pln

The diamond necklaces at ZL JEWELRY: luxury in every details

Throughout history, jewellery designers have used two materials to create regal masterpieces. They are gold and diamonds.

For a woman who wears a diamond necklace, it is impossible not to notice. Such a lady feels like a queen in society, whatever the occasion. It's time to cast aside false modesty and enjoy the attention of others!

To buy a diamond necklace means to throw at the feet of your beloved the best there is on earth. The one who gives a chic gift has the opportunity to demonstrate his fine taste, generosity and especially attitude to the lady. Only those who know what a woman's heart desires and are not afraid to emphasise their high status can afford to order a gold necklace with diamonds.

Every year, designers in the jewellery industry become bolder and offer extravagant designs that reflect their creativity. Expert craftsmen offer exclusive collections of inlaid jewellery and you can find them in our online shop.

What are the diamond necklaces can be

Diamond jewellery can be of various designs. Each model is a unique work of art, for when worn correctly, the jewellery piece transforms a woman into a queen.

  1. Mateenet. Up to 60 cm long, with several stones.

  2. Princess, up to 50 cm. This necklace is distinguished by its central stone, which draws most of the attention. A V-shaped design that enhances the bustline. At the jewellery manufactory ZL JEWELRY we sell jewellery from the manufacturer without any overpayment. You can order a certified item at a bargain price in a few clicks.  

  3. A choker is a short piece of jewellery up to 40 cm long. It looks good with casual and evening outfits.

  4. Collar, with a tight fit at the base of the neck. A massive version, which uses a scattering of stones.

Who is suited to a diamond necklace?

Diamond necklaces are suitable for women of all ages, from young girls to businesswomen. Younger ladies typically choose to wear light, "airy" models. For example, an exquisite stone on a chain or a scattering of miniature gemstones. For the older ladies, a solid version is the right choice.

Wearing a diamond necklace in handmade gold is advantageous at night. In natural daylight, the stone loses its charm and astonishing shine. But in the evening, it reveals its unparalleled brilliance. This is why a piece of jewellery with a large stone is advantageous to wear at an evening event and a small stone on a chain in the daytime.

When choosing a jewellery piece, keep in mind the depth of the neckline of the outfit. Dresses with a plunging neckline go well with a long or medium-sized chain. Under the open attire wear a massive model with a short chain.

It is also important to consider the colour of the dress. A diamond goes well with red, black and blue outfits.

The brightly designed diamond necklaces at ZL JEWELRY

Our shop's catalogue features diamond necklaces to suit all tastes. The models are not only varied, but every detail is carefully considered. Become the owner of a beautiful piece of jewellery can be located anywhere in Poland. The cost of jewellery is affordable. You can also buy chains, rings, bracelets, earrings, rings, laces jewelry.

Customers from Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Lodz, Poznan, Gdansk and other cities have already purchased online. Delivery takes very little time. Delivery prices are minimal, the carriers are reliable.


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