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Children's / women's

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Rope blackRope black
Артикул P13022007M
Rope black
1 138 pln
Rope "Gift of the Gods"Rope "Gift of the Gods"
Артикул МН01490L
Rope "Gift of the Gods"
5 132 pln
Rope "Eragon"Rope "Eragon"
Артикул МН41654G
Rope "Eragon"
4 894 pln
Rope "Muse"Rope "Muse"
Артикул МН46385G
Rope "Muse"
1 724 pln
Rope "Tefnut"Rope "Tefnut"
Артикул М46544WH
Rope "Tefnut"
1 077 pln
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Rope "Classic"Rope "Classic"
Артикул МН3215Н
Rope "Classic"
1 852 pln
Black rope with a lockBlack rope with a lock
Артикул M21058H
Black rope with a lock
1 563 pln
Rope "Libra"Rope "Libra"
Артикул МН2707G
Rope "Libra"
5 404 pln
Rope with insertsRope with inserts
Артикул МН10596G
Rope with inserts
4 415 pln
Rope "Geometry"Rope "Geometry"
Артикул M2607G
Rope "Geometry"
8 021 pln
Rope "Minimal"Rope "Minimal"
Артикул МН23464H
Rope "Minimal"
3 154 pln
Rope black with insertsRope black with inserts
Артикул P13022015H
Rope black with inserts
2 833 pln
Rope blackRope black
Артикул N26012001H
Rope black
911 pln
Rope "Classic"Rope "Classic"
Артикул N12022001L
Rope "Classic"
5 876 pln
Rope with black box.Rope with black box.
Артикул МН04042006G
Rope with black box.
2 200 pln
Rope "Little Athens"Rope "Little Athens"
Артикул P2306809G
Rope "Little Athens"
2 785 pln
Rope "Athens"Rope "Athens"
Артикул N0910910G
Rope "Athens"
3 948 pln
Rope in white goldRope in white gold
Артикул P24032017WG
Rope in white gold
1 226 pln
Rope blackRope black
Артикул Р19022003G
Rope black
678 pln
Rope turquoiseRope turquoise
Артикул Р0612707H
Rope turquoise
898 pln
Rope blueRope blue
Артикул R03032001WH
Rope blue
534 pln
Rope redRope red
Артикул P1101204H
Rope red
433 pln
Rope black with insertsRope black with inserts
Артикул N18042001G
Rope black with inserts
1 284 pln

The children's and women's natural silk laces at ZL JEWELRY

A silk laces with a gold clasp is one popular piece of jewellery, an inexpensive alternative to a chain. The soft, natural thread can make a good base for a pendant or charm. Will not chafe delicate women's and children's skin, hypoallergenic.

You can buy silk jewelry lace at a reasonable cost in the online shop "ZL JEWELRY". The product is available to order from anywhere in Poland.

The unique characteristics of silk jewelry laces

Rope made of natural silk has unique properties, which are absent in threads of other compositions.

  1. It is warm, retains its softness even during prolonged use.
  2. Strong, has no links, which can break as happens with chains. It requires considerable effort to break its integrity.
  3. Beautifully shiny and shimmering, it successfully complements any gold pendant, emphasising its appeal.
  4. Colored threads are dyed with a special hypoallergenic composition. Therefore, you can buy a silk cord without fear, even to a small child as a gift.

Designers in the jewellery industry recommend pairing the rope with a pendant with gold inlays. Such jewellery looks luxurious and eye-catching and the set looks harmonious.

How to choose a women's and children's laces under a cross or pendant

Fathers in churches advise godparents to purchase a jewelled silk laces for a baby's christening. It is pleasant to the body and completely safe. Crosses are chosen with a Catholic or Orthodox crucifix, with an image of the Virgin Mary or saints, for example, Nicholas the Wonderworker.

The appearance of the lanyard and its price are determined by the following parameters.

  1. The metal of which the clasp is made. Gold can be red or yellow.
  2. The size of the rope. For crosses for children buy thin thread, oriented on the length by the formula Neck circumference*2. Choosing slightly thicker variants for women's jewellery.

How to take care of silk jewelry laces

Natural cords with gold inlays do not require special care. The basic care consists in storing them unfolded. For example, placing the product in a tight pouch can crush the lace, after which it will be difficult to restore its previous appearance.

Also, improper storage is more likely to result in snags on the rope. Careful use of the lanyard allows you to extend its lifespan. ZL JEWELRY online jewellery shop offers a wide range of jewellery at affordable prices. The choice of jewellery in the catalogue is varied - in terms of appearance and budget.

It is easy to apply for a purchase online. A few minutes and your order for a silk lanyard with gold lock is accepted for processing. Our online shop is staffed by experienced salespeople who will help you choose the optimal model from the manufacturer of presented models.

All products are certified. The outstanding skills and years of work on jewellery made by skilled jewellers allow them to create real masterpieces.

How to make buying of a silk laces in "ZL JEWELRY"

The cost of the lace is indicated on the page of your choice. Take advantage of delivery of the goods by one of the reliable carriers that our shop cooperates with. Transportation is possible to Poland, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other European countries.

To order jewelry laces with gold inlays, add the products to the shopping cart. Enter your contact details, all information is kept confidential.


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