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ZL Jewelry store Warsaw

Jewellery made of precious metals, natural leather with stones of different colours has been known to mankind since ancient times. They have always been an indicator of status, wealth, success. Besides that, jewellery items are works of art - patterns of scrupulous labour of many generations of masters.

Classic models of rings and rings, chains, pendants, bracelets are the best gift for loved ones. Devotees of alternative types of jewellery will love the collection of items featuring leather, silk, semi-precious stones, incredible metal combinations and exclusive design.

ZL Jewelry has been making quality gold and gemstone jewellery for clients for many years. Following fashion trends, the collection is constantly being updated with new models in minimalist and high-tech styles. And traditional designs, loved by many customers, are not forgotten.

Now, to please yourself and your loved ones is becoming even easier - you can buy the product you like not only in stationary shops, but also on the Internet site. You can also choose to have your favourite piece of jewellery made to order, or consult with a specialist to create your own design.

Handmade jewellery - create your own traditions

Continuing a precious legacy, memorialising precious metal moments and surprising and original gifts, every customer's aim is different. What remains unchanged is the top quality and originality of our jewellery, its originality and recognisability. Even for a small price you can become the owner of a unique piece of jewelry or order the product specifically for a particular celebration.

Catalogue of models at the site of the manufacturer allows quickly enough to choose an accessory, compare prices, to issue an original package. And there is a lot to choose from:

  • Rings and rings - engagement, engraved, combined, encrusted with precious or natural stones;
  • gold chains - both classic weave and with complex types of connections;
  • pendants and pendants - with various designs;
  • cult models - crosses, icons, symbols of other religions;
  • jewellery laces - a new trend which is gaining popularity. It is a combination of metal, leather or silk and decorative inserts;
  • earrings and bracelets - a variety of models to please even the most selective. These two types are considered the most popular pieces of jewellery;
  • piercing models - small but original works of art by artisans, designed for different parts of the body;
  • Unique necklaces of amazing finesse;
  • 90s-inspired models, which are massive pieces of jewellery in an adapted design;
  • nautical trend - traditionally original models, which, apart from beauty, have a great symbolic meaning;
  • unique items - cufflinks, pins, hairpins, watch bracelets, brooches, branded badges, original souvenirs.

All these things you can buy online without leaving your home or office. The offer is available both in Ukraine and in Poland.

Custom jewellery making

For 18 years ZL Jewelry has been providing services of individual design of various items - from wedding rings to the whole sets, encrusted with precious stones. Custom designs or drawings are handmade to fully reflect the intent of the piece in the finished jewellery.

Gold jewellery, engraving, inlaying with precious stones, engraving and creation of jewellery with any motif - the family manufacture ZL Jewelry is able to realize any wish of a client.

Online jewellery shop zl.jewellery in Poland

The expansion of the business and the opportunity to delight their loyal customers abroad led to the establishment of the company's representative office in Poland. The online shop allows customers to purchase their favourite models or new jewellery while in the neighbouring country. The jewellery is delivered to all major cities - Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Lodz, Poznan, Gdańsk, Lublin. Prompt delivery by courier services ensures reliability and safety of receipt of ordered goods.


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