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Gold bracelets up to 30 gr

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Bracelet "Anchor"Bracelet "Anchor"
Артикул NSV1603M
Bracelet "Anchor"
6 022 pln
Bracelet with tigerBracelet with tiger
Артикул В1248Н
Bracelet with tiger's eye
5 938 pln
Bracelet "Fire dragon" on the skinBracelet "Fire dragon" on the skin
Артикул В2221G
Bracelet "Fire dragon" on the skin
4 554 pln
Bracelet "Golden key"Bracelet "Golden key"
Артикул B7121M
Bracelet "Golden key"
3 406 pln
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Bracelet "Amulet"Bracelet "Amulet"
Артикул В1411WM
Bracelet "Amulet"
11 990 pln
Bracelet "Wonderful patterns"Bracelet "Wonderful patterns"
Артикул В1419М
Bracelet "Wonderful patterns"
11 932 pln
Bracelet with cubic zirconia tracksBracelet with cubic zirconia tracks
Артикул В1150L
Bracelet with cubic zirconia tracks
3 052 pln
Bracelet "A"Bracelet "A"
Артикул В1155WM
Bracelet "A"
10 968 pln
Bracelet "Muse"Bracelet "Muse"
Артикул B0042L
Bracelet "Muse"
8 583 pln
Bracelet "Initials"Bracelet "Initials"
Артикул BJ7314WL
Bracelet "Initials"
4 232 pln
Starry sky braceletStarry sky bracelet
Артикул B1309WG
Starry sky bracelet
6 380 pln
Bracelet Summer shineBracelet Summer shine
Артикул B0012L
Bracelet Summer shine
2 932 pln
Carolina braceletCarolina bracelet
Артикул B8712L
Carolina bracelet
10 115 pln
Solarium braceletSolarium bracelet
Артикул B3401L
Solarium bracelet
6 734 pln
Heart melody braceletHeart melody bracelet
Артикул BJ0012WL
Heart melody bracelet
4 755 pln
Bracelet Brutal anchorBracelet Brutal anchor
Артикул В3001WL
Bracelet Brutal anchor
13 926 pln
Bracelet "Strength"Bracelet "Strength"
Артикул B1607L
Bracelet "Strength"
6 597 pln
Bracelet "Perseus"Bracelet "Perseus"
Артикул B1646H
Bracelet "Perseus"
3 830 pln
Watch bracelet "Herringbone"Watch bracelet "Herringbone"
Артикул B1509G
Watch bracelet "Herringbone"
5 220 pln
Bracelet "Name"Bracelet "Name"
Артикул VK1407M
Bracelet "Name"
8 786 pln
Bracelet "Hieroglyphs"Bracelet "Hieroglyphs"
Артикул VK1149G
Bracelet "Hieroglyphs"
5 915 pln
Bracelet "Lyra"Bracelet "Lyra"
Артикул VK13242M
Bracelet "Lyra"
9 617 pln

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