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Gold bracelets up to 30 gr

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Bracelet "Anchor"Bracelet "Anchor"
Артикул NSV1603M
Bracelet "Anchor"
5 489 pln
Bracelet "Fire dragon" on the skinBracelet "Fire dragon" on the skin
Артикул В2221G
Bracelet "Fire dragon" on the skin
4 091 pln
Bracelet "Golden key"Bracelet "Golden key"
Артикул B7121M
Bracelet "Golden key"
3 104 pln
Bracelet "Muse"Bracelet "Muse"
Артикул B0042L
Bracelet "Muse"
7 764 pln
Bracelet "Initials"Bracelet "Initials"
Артикул BJ7314WL
Bracelet "Initials"
3 852 pln
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Starry sky braceletStarry sky bracelet
Артикул B1309WG
Starry sky bracelet
5 771 pln
Bracelet Summer shineBracelet Summer shine
Артикул B0012L
Bracelet Summer shine
2 653 pln
Carolina braceletCarolina bracelet
Артикул B8712L
Carolina bracelet
9 151 pln
Solarium braceletSolarium bracelet
Артикул B3401L
Solarium bracelet
6 092 pln
Heart melody braceletHeart melody bracelet
Артикул BJ0012WL
Heart melody bracelet
4 329 pln
Bracelet Brutal anchorBracelet Brutal anchor
Артикул В3001WL
Bracelet Brutal anchor
12 680 pln
Bracelet "Strength"Bracelet "Strength"
Артикул B1607L
Bracelet "Strength"
5 967 pln
Bracelet "Perseus"Bracelet "Perseus"
Артикул B1646H
Bracelet "Perseus"
3 430 pln
Watch bracelet "Herringbone"Watch bracelet "Herringbone"
Артикул B1509G
Watch bracelet "Herringbone"
4 688 pln
Bracelet "Name"Bracelet "Name"
Артикул VK1407M
Bracelet "Name"
8 006 pln
Bracelet "Hieroglyphs"Bracelet "Hieroglyphs"
Артикул VK1149G
Bracelet "Hieroglyphs"
5 312 pln
Bracelet "Lyra"Bracelet "Lyra"
Артикул VK13242M
Bracelet "Lyra"
8 802 pln
Bracelet "Spheres"Bracelet "Spheres"
Артикул B1657L
Bracelet "Spheres"
4 611 pln
Bracelet "Malevich"Bracelet "Malevich"
Артикул B6346L
Bracelet "Malevich"
4 174 pln
Bracelet "Maria"Bracelet "Maria"
Артикул B1564M
Bracelet "Maria"
2 951 pln
Bracelet "Arabic Bismarck"Bracelet "Arabic Bismarck"
Артикул B2503H
Bracelet "Arabic Bismarck"
6 066 pln
Bracelet "Cipher"Bracelet "Cipher"
Артикул VK4546M
Bracelet "Cipher"
8 006 pln
Bracelet "Devon"Bracelet "Devon"
Артикул B46987M
Bracelet "Devon"
4 826 pln

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