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Golden rings

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Ring "Hope"Ring "Hope"
Артикул KM1807M
Ring "Hope"
4 300 pln
Signet "Scorpion"Signet "Scorpion"
Артикул KM1641L
Signet "Scorpion"
7 712 pln
Signet "Keeper"Signet "Keeper"
Артикул KM7845G
Signet "Keeper"
5 939 pln
Ring with bear and monogramRing with bear and monogram
Артикул KM13543E
Ring with bear and monogram
11 284 pln
Wedding rings "King + Queen"Wedding rings "King + Queen"
Артикул OB7546M
Wedding rings "King + Queen"
1 598 pln
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Signet for men "Samson"Signet for men "Samson"
Артикул KM0590M
Signet for men "Samson"
3 557 pln
Ring "Dashing 90s"Ring "Dashing 90s"
Артикул KM2340H
Ring "Dashing 90s"
5 094 pln
Wedding rings "Patterns"Wedding rings "Patterns"
Артикул OB6467M
Wedding rings "Patterns"
2 419 pln
Wedding rings "Magic numbers"Wedding rings "Magic numbers"
Артикул OB63574WM
Wedding rings "Magic numbers"
3 595 pln
Signet "Lord" with pomegranateSignet "Lord" with pomegranate
Артикул KM2103H
Signet "Lord" with pomegranate
5 593 pln
Seal of "Omnipotence"Seal of "Omnipotence"
Артикул KM1902E
Seal of "Omnipotence"
16 881 pln
Ring "Moving mechanism"Ring "Moving mechanism"
Артикул KM2306M
Ring "Moving mechanism"
5 854 pln
Wedding ring "Sunny dance"Wedding ring "Sunny dance"
Артикул ОВ9769M
Wedding ring "Sunny dance"
2 035 pln
Engagement ring "Diamond track"Engagement ring "Diamond track"
Артикул KR2130M
Engagement ring "Diamond track"
1 253 pln
Engagement ring "MuseEngagement ring "Muse
Артикул KR9731M
Engagement ring "Muse's Treasure"
1 392 pln
Engagement ring "Radiance"Engagement ring "Radiance"
Артикул KR9814WM
Engagement ring "Radiance"
889 pln
Wedding ring "Always together"Wedding ring "Always together"
Артикул OB9511M
Wedding ring "Always together"
1 794 pln
Engagement ring "Sunbeam"Engagement ring "Sunbeam"
Артикул KR9102M
Engagement ring "Sunbeam"
861 pln
Engagement ring "Angelic radiance"Engagement ring "Angelic radiance"
Артикул KR3151WM
Engagement ring "Angelic radiance"
1 331 pln
Engagement ring "Wing of love"Engagement ring "Wing of love"
Артикул KR1127G
Engagement ring "Wing of love"
755 pln
Signet "Amphitheater" with a coinSignet "Amphitheater" with a coin
Артикул КМ1805E
Signet "Amphitheater" with a coin
9 777 pln
Wedding ring "Two worlds"Wedding ring "Two worlds"
Артикул ОВ0674М
Wedding ring "Two worlds"
2 130 pln

Original and exclusive gold rings from ZL Jewelry

A seemingly ordinary piece of jewellery, represented by a metal bezel - but how many stories are associated with it. Gold rings are an indispensable attribute of a person. Whatever business he is in, this particular accessory is considered to be the most popular. Stakes are mentioned in almost all literary works, from love stories to fantasy novels. This type of jewellery is featured in most paintings, they are devoted to scientific works and spy investigations.

Gold rings have always been at the heart of stories, handed down through generations and as symbols of belonging to a certain circle of people. Not surprisingly, the catalogue of ZL Jewelry online shop presents the widest range of these items. Each of the models has its own unique look, a unique design and can carry a lot of symbolism. For example engagement rings, rings with initials and rings with a row of stones.

The exclusive bespoke rings from the manufacturer

Historically, finger jewellery has virtually no standards and regulations. Whether you like your accessory with pearls, with inlays of semi-precious stones or with a fancy shaped design, you can bring it all to life. A variety of models will impress even the most discerning customers, and the price is affordable to all:

In addition to conventional designs, exclusive rings are available on the company's website as well as to order. For example, combined and dressed on two phalanges, on several fingers at once, combined with bracelets.  

How to buy gold ring to order

Not always catalogue jewellery fully meets customers' requirements and doesn't bear that symbolic meaning. In this case ZL Jewelry offers to make a custom piece of jewellery - gold wedding rings as well as handmade chains or handmade bracelets can be created especially for you. Experienced designers will help you develop your design and choose the type of gold and variety of gemstones you want - all of this can be discussed online. You want a copy of a ring your grandmother used to wear, a unique piece of jewellery based on your own drawings, a replica of a historical piece - any of our specialists can fulfill your wishes within a short period of time. The cost of this service is not much different from the price of goods from the catalogue. And in return you will receive a unique work of jewellery art underlining your individuality.

Custom-made and ready-made rings from “ZL Jewelry” in Poland

Expanding our business, our company has entered the Polish market, both to delight our fellow countrymen, who live there, and to show the skills of jewelers in Europe. In any city you can easily and quickly place an order for a gold ring you liked, get a consultation from the manager, arrange for branded packaging and fast delivery. Payment can be made by any bank card with guaranteed payment security.

You can place your order in Poland, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and make your loved ones happy with an original present.


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