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Engagement ring "Diamond track"Engagement ring "Diamond track"
Артикул KR2130M
Engagement ring "Diamond track"
1 253 pln
Engagement ring "MuseEngagement ring "Muse
Артикул KR9731M
Engagement ring "Muse's Treasure"
1 392 pln
Engagement ring "Radiance"Engagement ring "Radiance"
Артикул KR9814WM
Engagement ring "Radiance"
889 pln
Engagement ring "Sunbeam"Engagement ring "Sunbeam"
Артикул KR9102M
Engagement ring "Sunbeam"
861 pln
Engagement ring "Angelic radiance"Engagement ring "Angelic radiance"
Артикул KR3151WM
Engagement ring "Angelic radiance"
1 331 pln
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Engagement ring "Wing of love"Engagement ring "Wing of love"
Артикул KR1127G
Engagement ring "Wing of love"
755 pln
Ring-case "Legion"Ring-case "Legion"
Артикул К1451WM
Ring-case "Legion"
3 949 pln
Engagement ring "Petite beauty"Engagement ring "Petite beauty"
Артикул KR3974M
Engagement ring "Petite beauty"
524 pln
Engagement ring "Magic mirror"Engagement ring "Magic mirror"
Артикул KR7541M
Engagement ring "Magic mirror"
1 503 pln
Engagement ring "Temptation"Engagement ring "Temptation"
Артикул KR1503WM
Engagement ring "Temptation"
1 385 pln
Engagement ring "Rhombic facets"Engagement ring "Rhombic facets"
Артикул KR0302M
Engagement ring "Rhombic facets"
1 912 pln
Engagement ring "Cipher of love"Engagement ring "Cipher of love"
Артикул KR0913M
Engagement ring "Cipher of love"
1 598 pln
Engagement ring "Solar fan"Engagement ring "Solar fan"
Артикул KR0261M
Engagement ring "Solar fan"
1 222 pln
Engagement ring "Symbols of love"Engagement ring "Symbols of love"
Артикул KR3212M
Engagement ring "Symbols of love"
1 539 pln
Ring "Magic names"Ring "Magic names"
Артикул KO9874M
Ring "Magic names"
1 876 pln
Engagement ring "Venus"Engagement ring "Venus"
Артикул KR9764WM
Engagement ring "Venus"
1 731 pln
Engagement ring "Arrow of Cupid"Engagement ring "Arrow of Cupid"
Артикул KR2614M
Engagement ring "Arrow of Cupid"
1 444 pln
Engagement ring "Emerald classic"Engagement ring "Emerald classic"
Артикул KR9778WM
Engagement ring "Emerald classic"
1 992 pln
Engagement ring "Star tale"Engagement ring "Star tale"
Артикул KR1630WM
Engagement ring "Star tale"
1 474 pln
Ring-case "Star tale"Ring-case "Star tale"
Артикул К4416М
Ring-case "Star tale"
3 315 pln
Engagement ring "Two halves"Engagement ring "Two halves"
Артикул KR1142M
Engagement ring "Two halves"
1 602 pln

The gold rings with stones from ZL JEWELRY

Apart from jewellery with diamonds, our catalogue includes models inlaid with other precious, semi-precious and semi-precious stones. The latter include pearls, turquoise and coral. These minerals often make unique compositions, colourful combinations and unusual items. Many of the stones, such as aquamarine or lapis lazuli, have a completely different cut, which automatically draws attention to the jewellery piece.

Gold rings with stones have no limitations in design or shape. It is believed that these jewels are ideal for young people, artistic types, and people who tend to break the patterns of everyday life. We should not forget that in ancient times, bright colored stones were very popular as they decorated crowns and created entire sets for the wealthiest. Pearls have always been a stone of purity, youth and at the same time, devotion to tradition.

A ring with a stone makes is a good gift for yourself or your loved ones

The variety of presented models in the catalogue of our site allows you to quickly find an accessory that best meets your requirements. With more than 50 models available in-store and an endless array of bespoke designs to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice:

The possibility to make jewellery to order is a great choice for those who want to show their individuality and love exclusive jewellery. Look through our catalogue of already made unique jewellery and you will see that “ZL Jewelry” online shop has a lot of experience in creating unique jewellery at an affordable price.

Buy a ring with a stone in Europe

The online platform of the jewelry manufactory is now available in our neighbors - the Poles. Without leaving home, you will buy unique jewelry for yourself or as a gift with prompt delivery and the possibility of return. Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Etonia, Germany, Poland - this is not a complete list of cities where the purchased jewelry can be shipped.


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