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Pendant "Little Princess"Pendant "Little Princess"
Артикул PD3209G
Pendant "Little Princess"
550 pln
Pendant "Gorgon Medusa"Pendant "Gorgon Medusa"
Артикул Р7412M
Pendant "Gorgon Medusa"
6 481 pln
Suspension "Parts of the World"Suspension "Parts of the World"
Артикул РВ1608G
Suspension "Parts of the World"
3 326 pln
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Pendant "Anchor"Pendant "Anchor"
Артикул PK0116M
Pendant "Anchor"
1 463 pln
Pendant "Arina"Pendant "Arina"
Артикул P7461M
Pendant "Arina"
1 178 pln
Pendant "Diamond Love"Pendant "Diamond Love"
Артикул P7513WM
Pendant "Diamond Love"
1 133 pln
Pendant "Little Princess"Pendant "Little Princess"
Артикул R74161M
Pendant "Little Princess"
2 575 pln
Pendant "Selena"Pendant "Selena"
Артикул Р16092020WM
Pendant "Selena"
880 pln
Pendant "Bella" with a diamondPendant "Bella" with a diamond
Артикул K1406904WM
Pendant "Bella" with a diamond
292 pln
Pendant "Lady"Pendant "Lady"
Артикул PD2709G
Pendant "Lady"
407 pln
"Excitement" pendant"Excitement" pendant
Артикул Р1044М
"Excitement" pendant
18 206 pln
"Guardian" pendant"Guardian" pendant
Артикул Р1247WМ
"Guardian" pendant
7 761 pln
"ДШВ" pendant"ДШВ" pendant
Артикул Р1011М
"ДШВ" pendant
1 856 pln
"Guardian Angel" pendant"Guardian Angel" pendant
Артикул Р1027М
"Guardian Angel" pendant
9 652 pln
Pendant "Boy" with diamondsPendant "Boy" with diamonds
Артикул PD2109G
Pendant "Boy" with diamonds
411 pln
Pendant "Girl" with diamondsPendant "Girl" with diamonds
Артикул PD2309G
Pendant "Girl" with diamonds
656 pln
Pendant "Mystery"Pendant "Mystery"
Артикул Р15092020WM
Pendant "Mystery"
1 441 pln
Pendant "Crystal Drop"Pendant "Crystal Drop"
Артикул PD1508803WM
Pendant "Crystal Drop"
1 768 pln

The ultimate diamond pendant at ZL JEWELRY

Gold diamond pendants are a simple way to turn an everyday look into a smart one, and get lots of compliments from those around you. The jewellery will always be in fashion, and that's because it looks unique. Stone is especially beautiful shines and shimmers in the evening. Therefore, more often pendant matched with an evening dress or suit.

Thanks to diamond pendants, it is simply impossible not to notice the décolleté area and a woman's graceful collarbone. The jewellery can be worn not only for a festive event, but also for a photo shoot. You will look bright and unforgettable in the photos.

Popular Diamond Pendants

The design of the jewellery depends on where a woman can wear it. For everyday wear, a slim model is the right choice. If you are looking for a statement piece for an evening outfit, an eye-catching designer pendant is the right choice.

Popular pendants that do not lie in the window of the online shop "ZL JEWELRY".

  1. Diamond and fishing line pendant. This chain is also called "invisible". It will be a real catch for a girl who is looking for a piece of jewellery for every day.
  2. Pendant in the form of a heart. The heart-shaped pendant will be a worthy present for the beloved.
  3. Medallion with tiny stone. A charming model, which looks tender.
  4. Cross, studded with a diamond. Emphasizes your special attitude towards religious sacraments. Also worn around the neck to highlight your status and declare your financial well-being.
  5. A stylish pendant that also features other gemstones - ruby, emerald, topaz.
  6. Pendants with unusual weaves, inlays and patterns are called universal.

How to wear a diamond pendant and what to combine it with

No matter which piece of jewellery you have chosen, a diamond pendant in white gold or yellow gold, to make the jewellery look beautiful, it is important to know how to combine it with the clothes. You don't have to be afraid to experiment. Dare to realize your fantasies, try to create unusual combinations.

  1. For a pendant with a small stone, it is better to choose a restrained outfit. Your purpose is to make the jewel the central element of the image. Open neckline, monochrome wardrobe - this is what designers advise to stick to.
  2. Buy a gold pendant with a 1 carat diamond and in a solid setting is perfect with an evening gown.
  3. The shape and depth of the neckline determine which length of the chain is optimal.
  4. A business suit can be combined with a version featuring a small stone. It is recommended to complement the image with clove earrings and a gold bracelet. Using these tips, you will be able to make the image spectacular and memorable.

How to own a diamond pendant at ZL JEWELRY

“ZL JEWELRY” online jewellery shop offers bespoke diamond jewellery at a pleasant price. Anyone domiciled in Poland may purchase our jewellery online.

If you have any questions about the product or you do not know which model to choose, ask our consultants. They will suggest options to suit your criteria and budget.

You can browse the lots available on the website yourself by using the built-in filter. Check the criteria that matter to you, and then study the descriptions and prices of the items on their pages.

You can order your exclusive diamond pendants with delivery to Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Lodz, Poznan, Gdansk. The shipping cost is affordable and the transport companies are reliable.


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