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Ювелирные изделия на заказPiercing to order
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Piercing "Arc"Piercing "Arc"
Артикул H1105909E
Piercing "Arc"
293 pln
Navel piercing "Balls" with stonesNavel piercing "Balls" with stones
Артикул H110591WM
Navel piercing "Balls" with stones
1 993 pln
Piercing "Angel Wing"Piercing "Angel Wing"
Артикул H0304907WM
Piercing "Angel Wing"
1 880 pln
Piercing with Etalon logo with enamelPiercing with Etalon logo with enamel
Артикул H2202905M
Piercing with Etalon logo with enamel
1 275 pln
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Piercing "Butterfly"Piercing "Butterfly"
Артикул H2102923WM
Piercing "Butterfly"
977 pln
Lip piercing with stoneLip piercing with stone
Артикул Н170901E
Lip piercing with stone
506 pln
Nose piercing "Scheherazade"Nose piercing "Scheherazade"
Артикул H260501G
Nose piercing "Scheherazade"
211 pln
Piercing "Pansies"Piercing "Pansies"
Артикул H260507G
Piercing "Pansies"
847 pln
Piercing "Flower extravaganza"Piercing "Flower extravaganza"
Артикул H260506G
Piercing "Flower extravaganza"
1 318 pln
Piercing "Tenderness"Piercing "Tenderness"
Артикул H260504G
Piercing "Tenderness"
538 pln
Removable piercingRemovable piercing
Артикул H250503G
Removable piercing
710 pln
Piercing "Heart"Piercing "Heart"
Артикул H260502G
Piercing "Heart"
834 pln
Piercing "Chamomile" with stonesPiercing "Chamomile" with stones
Артикул H260501M
Piercing "Chamomile" with stones
965 pln
Nipple piercingNipple piercing
Артикул H100201M
Nipple piercing
763 pln
Piercing "Diamond Feather"Piercing "Diamond Feather"
Артикул ОТ980WM
Piercing "Diamond Feather"
2 418 pln
Piercing "Sun"Piercing "Sun"
Артикул H190301M
Piercing "Sun"
1 066 pln

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