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Jewelry laces

ChildrenChildren's / women'sNylon / menNylon / men'sLeatherLeatherЮвелирные изделия на заказJewelry laces to order
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Rope blackRope black
Артикул P13022007M
Rope black
1 039 pln
Rope "Gift of the Gods"Rope "Gift of the Gods"
Артикул МН01490L
Rope "Gift of the Gods"
4 599 pln
Rope "Combination"Rope "Combination"
Артикул МН0012G
Rope "Combination"
4 707 pln
Rope "Magic of words"Rope "Magic of words"
Артикул МН0015WG
Rope "Magic of words"
3 424 pln
Rope "Nominal"Rope "Nominal"
Артикул МН0245L
Rope "Nominal"
6 077 pln
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Rope "Six Prayers"Rope "Six Prayers"
Артикул МН7416L
Rope "Six Prayers"
11 885 pln
Rope "Save and Save" with a prayerRope "Save and Save" with a prayer
Артикул МН7414WG
Rope "Save and Save" with a prayer
4 312 pln
Rope "Masons"Rope "Masons"
Артикул МН1113E
Rope "Masons"
29 142 pln
Rope "Archangel"Rope "Archangel"
Артикул МН3154L
Rope "Archangel"
2 911 pln
Rope "Save and Save"Rope "Save and Save"
Артикул МН3214G
Rope "Save and Save"
4 304 pln
Rope "90 psalm" in white goldRope "90 psalm" in white gold
Артикул МН2143M
Rope "90 psalm" in white gold
16 311 pln
Rope "Five prayers"Rope "Five prayers"
Артикул МН7411G
Rope "Five prayers"
13 596 pln
Rope "Dragons"Rope "Dragons"
Артикул МН1722L
Rope "Dragons"
20 180 pln
Rope "Guardians"Rope "Guardians"
Артикул МН2204M
Rope "Guardians"
17 214 pln
Rope "Eragon"Rope "Eragon"
Артикул МН41654G
Rope "Eragon"
4 398 pln
Rope "Muse"Rope "Muse"
Артикул МН46385G
Rope "Muse"
1 552 pln
Rope "Tefnut"Rope "Tefnut"
Артикул М46544WH
Rope "Tefnut"
976 pln
Rope "Prayer"Rope "Prayer"
Артикул MH3590G
Rope "Prayer"
19 974 pln
Rope "Omega"Rope "Omega"
Артикул MH457G
Rope "Omega"
3 206 pln
Rope "Hieroglyphs"Rope "Hieroglyphs"
Артикул МН1643G
Rope "Hieroglyphs"
4 658 pln
Rope "White Guardian"Rope "White Guardian"
Артикул МН3597WM
Rope "White Guardian"
22 007 pln
Rope "Grinner"Rope "Grinner"
Артикул М73613G
Rope "Grinner"
4 858 pln
Rope "Minerva"Rope "Minerva"
Артикул M3560G
Rope "Minerva"
16 332 pln

The jewellery laces with and without gold inlays at ZL JEWELRY

Jewelry laces are a stylish neck piece of jewellery that can be purchased at a reasonable cost in our shop. Despite its simple configuration, a properly matched rope under a locket or cross can create a unique look.

Laces with gold inlays look unusual and testify of good taste of their owner. The jewellery is suitable for everyone without exception, gender and age do not matter. The ZL JEWELRY website offers exclusive jewellery laces with an attractive price-quality ratio.

Why the jewelry laces are popular

Jewelry lanyards for pendants have many advantages. Made from natural and hypoallergenic materials, the products won't chafe your skin. In front of you is a concise piece of jewellery that even children buy.

Also buy jewellery laces are chosen because of their high durability, resistance to damage. Even if you wear the rope every day, the product will not tear and will retain its original appearance. Compared to a gold chain, the rope can withstand heavy loads.

Thanks to its original design, the product can be combined with any wardrobe and style. The rope looks stylish and elegant. Having such jewellery in your jewellery box, you will always be beyond competition. Jewelry ropes will help to leave conservatism in the past and realize your most daring desires.

The price of the lace-up depends on its size, material, weave and shade. Small models are made for children and women. Practical and massive options are suitable for men.

The large selection of jewelry laces

You can order a variety of rope models for jewellery in our shop.

  1. Rubber. Durable, with a smooth, pleasant-to-touch surface. The rubber is almost weightless and has a high elasticity.

  2. Leather. They don't stretch with time and keep their quality characteristics as long as they last.

  3. Silk. Aesthetic, refined and natural threads with a rich variety of colours. In our shop you can buy jewelry ropes in red, blue, gold and black colours.

Online shop "ZL JEWELRY" has managed to earn the trust of loyal customers and an excellent reputation. With us, excellent quality and reasonable prices are a reality for inhabitants of Poland.

The products are handmade from certified raw materials, the range in the catalogue is constantly updated with new interesting models. Our site offers customers favourable conditions for purchasing lanyard.

Which jewellery laces is better to choose

Looking for a discreet option that won't look faceless? Jewellery laces with gold inlays will create an impressive set with a pendant. The jewellery accentuates the neck and shoulders.

Short solutions are called chokers. With a length of 35 to 40 cm, this is a favourite accessory of young people.

Ropes at 45-55 cm are ideal to wear with pendants or crosses, a nameplate icon. Longer models are easy to tie in knots and double around the neck like a necklace.

Order a product for the child should be made of silk. You can not worry about the fact that the material will absorb foreign odors or scratch the skin, this will not happen.

Buying of jewellery laces at ZL JEWELRY

To buy silk laces with delivery to Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Lodz, Poznan, Gdansk and other regions of Poland, you do not need to leave home.

You can select your jewellery online by clicking on the descriptions. Just a few clicks and your order is accepted for processing. Jewellery from the manufacturer is delivered by reliable carriers. Our regular customers have already gathered a whole collection of jewellery from ZL JEWELRY.


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