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Exchange old for new

ZL Jewelry DOES NOT BUY your items by " The best prices." We are making an exchange!

For exchange, finished products and jewelry made of gold of any standard, as well as parts thereof, are accepted. When exchanging or ordering, if the weight of the purchased product is equal to the weight of the delivered metal, you pay only the cost of manufacturing - from 400 UAH / gram of the product. Additionally, in the weight of the purchased jewelry, the loss of metal during manufacture (waste * 10%) is considered. If the sample of the delivered metal is higher or lower than the sample of the product for exchange or order, then the following recalculations are used.

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Conversion of gold to 585 fineness.



Conversion of gold to 750 fineness.



The color of the metal does not affect the cost of the product!

If you don't have enough metal to exchange, you can buy the item using the weight you have, and the rest – pay with money. Thus, you will reduce the cost of jewelry, due to the combined payment in metal and money.

If there are precious inserts in the items to be handed over, first draw the attention of the sales assistant to this, so that the master jeweler professionally removes them according to the price list for further transfer to you. Otherwise all removed inserts are disposed of.

* Waste is irretrievable technical loss of metal (gold or silver) that occurs during casting, soldering, grinding, polishing, wire drawing and other manipulations when working with precious metals.



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