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About Us

The history of the jewelry brand "ZL Jewelry" was born in 2000 in Kherson, Ukraine from the dream of an ordinary high school student Roman. He dreamed that someday he would have his own jewelry shop - the BEST in the city!

By the end of 2005, the first attempt was made to open their own business. So far without a name, with the help of "word of mouth" customers received products under the brand name "From Roman".

The daughter's birth in 2006 was a defining milestone and the starting point for the birth of a new jewelry shop called "Zolotaya Liliya"

Experiencing the family and economic crisis of 2008-2009 - this "ninth wave" that hit almost all participants in small and medium-sized businesses, the shop was closed. In fact, the whole country - and business, the population - cannot say what will happen to it in a year, or even six months. But only those who do not have goals and dreams can give up...

In 2012, getting stronger again and with a great desire to develop his business, Roman decides to revive the "Zolotaya Liliya" after a 4-year break - the opening of a small island for the repair and manufacture of jewelry in the largest mall in the Kherson city - "Fabrika".

In 2016, the influx of new customers and desire made it possible to come closer to the fulfillment of their old dream - the opening of a "jewelry manufactory". It is the manufactory (handicraft), and not only the shop, which radically distinguishes it from all other jewelry shops in the Kherson city.

Jewelry manufactory "Golden Lily" in Kherson opened its doors in 2016.

Since 2017, we have received a certificate of registration of the trademark "Zolotaya Liliya", as well as the trademark - "ZL".

The work of a lifetime was continued in the birth of a new jewelry dynasty. Devotion to his beloved work is transferred to his wife Julia. Fascinated by the beauty and nature of precious stones, Yulia receives a professional gemological education in 2 years and becomes a full-time gemologist of the manufactory.

In 2020, a store and production will open in Odessa, which are still functioning today.

Now the staff of the manufactory includes: eight jewelry masters, a gemologist, designers, a 3-D machine operator, a photographer, a videographer, an accountant and a whole team of account and sales managers.

In 2022, due to the start of a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine, the brand is forced to relocate the manufactory from Kherson to Warsaw. In Poland, we are opening under an adaptive naming for Europe - ZL JEWELRY. And this story is being written now...

We are not going to stop there. New technologies and processes are being introduced and we want to grow and develop together with you!

And, most importantly - without you, our customers, we would not exist! Thanks to your loyalty and exactingness, your comments and enthusiastic views, criticism and creativity, we try to grow and improve, correct and, if there is our fault, apologize, develop and improve ourselves!

Most importantly, follow your dream!

With respect to you, the ZL Jewelry team and founder - Roman Syadnev.



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