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For baptism

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Cross "Son of God" with black enamelCross "Son of God" with black enamel
Артикул Х10012021M
Cross "Son of God" with black enamel
2 320 pln
Cross for baptism "Sacrament"Cross for baptism "Sacrament"
Артикул ХК1012025M
Cross for baptism "Sacrament"
680 pln
Baptismal cross with stonesBaptismal cross with stones
Артикул ХК175089M
Baptismal cross with stones
583 pln
Baptismal cross with white goldBaptismal cross with white gold
Артикул XA465624WG
Baptismal cross with white gold
715 pln
Cross AmuletCross Amulet
Артикул Х9012M
Cross Amulet
2 785 pln
Didn't find the right cross?
Our experts will help you in choosing jewelry
Cross GuardianCross Guardian
Артикул X5609G
Cross Guardian
5 206 pln
Cross "Amulet"Cross "Amulet"
Артикул Х3015L
Cross "Amulet"
2 400 pln
Cross for baptismCross for baptism
Артикул X4617M
Cross for baptism
1 182 pln
Cross "Puzzle"Cross "Puzzle"
Артикул ХН45231M
Cross "Puzzle"
1 016 pln
Cross "Hope"Cross "Hope"
Артикул X4134M
Cross "Hope"
603 pln
Cross "Virage"Cross "Virage"
Артикул XH431M
Cross "Virage"
2 337 pln
Cross "Minimalism"Cross "Minimalism"
Артикул X6513WG
Cross "Minimalism"
365 pln
Cross "Royal Dream"Cross "Royal Dream"
Артикул XE4613M
Cross "Royal Dream"
4 222 pln
Cross "Modesty"Cross "Modesty"
Артикул Х46761L
Cross "Modesty"
1 868 pln
Cross with blackeningCross with blackening
Артикул X4671M
Cross with blackening
786 pln
Cross "White base"Cross "White base"
Артикул X1355L
Cross "White base"
2 095 pln
Cross "Spiritual Power"Cross "Spiritual Power"
Артикул Х9832L
Cross "Spiritual Power"
2 575 pln
Cross on wood with original CrucifixCross on wood with original Crucifix
Артикул Х46341G
Cross on wood with original Crucifix
1 924 pln
Cross with patternsCross with patterns
Артикул Х310356G
Cross with patterns
2 385 pln
Cross on a wooden baseCross on a wooden base
Артикул X0321L
Cross on a wooden base
5 265 pln
Cross for baptism "Holy"Cross for baptism "Holy"
Артикул ХК135049G
Cross for baptism "Holy"
728 pln
Cross for baptismCross for baptism
Артикул X126045M
Cross for baptism
516 pln

Buying a golden cross for a baptism from the manufacturer “ZL Jewelry”

For the sacrament of baptism it is customary to give a child a small gold necklace pendant - these are usually the ones that are also dipped in the font. There are unspoken rules for this type of accessory, which are followed by almost everyone. As a rule, the baptismal cross is lightweight, more openwork - necessarily in the form of a crucifix. This variety is recommended by the church, but ordinary straight models without decoration are also accepted. Much more important is what the parents and godparents put into this piece of jewellery - what is the meaning and message.

Quite often, the back of the cross is engraved with the child's church and secular name and wishes, or the traditional "Save and Preserve" look. For their customers, the manufacturer ZL Jewelry is ready to create a unique model to order, with original trim, stone inlay and engraving.

How to choose the right cross for baptism?

The website offers a wide range of different models and options of jewellery created from different types of gold and stones, with different techniques - including "blackening". For baptismal crosses to be a joy not only for the parents, but also for the little ones, all nuances need to be taken into consideration:

Order gold baptismal crosses in Poland

On our website we have a special sub-category where you can place an order for a customised piece of jewellery. The process is quite simple, but allows you to get a unique and exclusive product created especially for your celebration. As well as bespoke gold men's crosses, christening jewellery is deeply symbolic and has an implication - so sometimes it's easier to make it to order. You choose your own shape and size, decoration and inlay. You can still make adjustments and changes when you create a 3D model or casting blank.

The costs of bespoke production are not much higher than the catalogue models and sometimes they are the same.

There is prompt delivery across Europe, and most negotiations are conducted online. You do not need to be distracted from your work or hobby to place an order, buy and receive exclusive jewelry for children - in Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Estonia.


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