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Gold earrings

Earrings with diamondsEarrings with diamondsEarrings with stonesEarrings with stonesDrop EarringsDrop EarringsCongo earringsCongo earringsCuffsCuffsStudsStudsWith pearlsWith pearlsBabyBabyWith cubic zirkoniaWith cubic zirkoniaEarrings from 5gr.Earrings from 5gr.Earrings up to 5g.Earrings up to 5g.Earrings - transformersEarrings - transformersEarrings without insertsEarrings without insertsЮвелирные изделия на заказGold earrings to order
Prices in:
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Earrings "Lady Pearl"Earrings "Lady Pearl"
Артикул С0102H
Earrings "Lady Pearl"
617 pln
Earrings "Sun cube"Earrings "Sun cube"
Артикул С0051G
Earrings "Sun cube"
1 703 pln
Puseti "Winter rose"Puseti "Winter rose"
Артикул С3217WM
Puseti "Winter rose"
998 pln
Studs "Star flowers"Studs "Star flowers"
Артикул С3564M
Studs "Star flowers"
2 138 pln
Studs "Emerald Rose"Studs "Emerald Rose"
Артикул С3145M
Studs "Emerald Rose"
857 pln
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Studs "Geometry" with sapphiresStuds "Geometry" with sapphires
Артикул C2467M
Studs "Geometry" with sapphires
932 pln
Earrings "Blind side"Earrings "Blind side"
Артикул С9835M
Earrings "Blind side"
1 793 pln
Studs "Classic"Studs "Classic"
Артикул С0301WG
Studs "Classic"
607 pln
Studs "Sunbeam"Studs "Sunbeam"
Артикул С0316M
Studs "Sunbeam"
476 pln
Earrings "Dream"Earrings "Dream"
Артикул С0203Е
Earrings "Dream"
6 416 pln
Sun and Moon earringsSun and Moon earrings
Артикул С1845WM
Sun and Moon earrings
8 771 pln
Studs "Diamond Boom"Studs "Diamond Boom"
Артикул С0312M
Studs "Diamond Boom"
924 pln
Earrings "Melody of the heart"Earrings "Melody of the heart"
Артикул С3012M
Earrings "Melody of the heart"
1 293 pln
Earrings "Abstract"Earrings "Abstract"
Артикул С9745М
Earrings "Abstract"
4 346 pln
Earrings "Abstraction"Earrings "Abstraction"
Артикул С3061G
Earrings "Abstraction"
1 871 pln
Earrings "Northern Lights"Earrings "Northern Lights"
Артикул С9836WG
Earrings "Northern Lights"
908 pln
Studs "Standard"Studs "Standard"
Артикул С9071WG
Studs "Standard"
443 pln
Studs "Power of fantasy"Studs "Power of fantasy"
Артикул С0341M
Studs "Power of fantasy"
1 367 pln
Studs "Ice passion"Studs "Ice passion"
Артикул С9037WL
Studs "Ice passion"
556 pln
Earrings "Spider web"Earrings "Spider web"
Артикул С0094G
Earrings "Spider web"
1 404 pln
Earrings "Sunshine"Earrings "Sunshine"
Артикул С5416G
Earrings "Sunshine"
766 pln
Congo earrings "Standard"Congo earrings "Standard"
Артикул С0307M
Congo earrings "Standard"
2 756 pln
Earrings "Spring commotion"Earrings "Spring commotion"
Артикул С9030L
Earrings "Spring commotion"
1 199 pln

Gold earrings by “ZL Jewelry”

Gold earrings are a popular accessory that can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Gold is a precious metal that has been used in jewelry for centuries because of its strength, brilliance and rarity. There are various types of gold earrings available in the market, each with its own unique benefits and characteristics. We suggest buying gold earrings at ZL JEWELRY jewelry shop, where they are presented in a wide selection.

Earrings assortment presented in the online shop

Products made of gold are hypoallergenic and safe for almost everyone. Its attractiveness, beautiful lustre constantly attracts the eye. That is why many people dream of having unusual engagement rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and other jewellery in their collection. They are out of fashion, so they will always be in trend. Gold earrings come in different styles, sizes and designs. This makes them versatile enough to wear with different outfits and on any occasion. The prices of the pieces are quite affordable for consumers. They largely depend on the weight of the item, design, availability of gemstones. A wide range of choice allows us to choose and buy gold earrings to suit our tastes and financial possibilities. Today, the brand's products are available in Poland to a wide range of consumers. To order the jewellery, visitors can do so online. The “ZL JEWELRY” Jewellery shop offers the following types of gold earrings:

  1. Carnations. Simple and classic carnation earrings are a popular choice for everyday wear. Their small size makes them comfortable to wear and easy to match with any outfit.
  2. Ring earrings are round in shape and can range in size from small to large. They are versatile and can be worn with both casual and formal wear.
  3. Gold earrings with pendants. They have a dangling design that can vary in length and style. They can be simple and elegant or bold and spectacular, depending on the design and size.
  4. Huggie's are a ring that fits snugly around the earlobe. They are comfortable to wear and can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit.

In the shop you can buy other types of gold earrings with stones, inlays and without, covered with enamel, transformers, poussettes, cuffs, baby products.

You can order any kind of jewellery by "ZL Jewelry"

Gold earrings are versatile, they can be worn as an everyday accessory, they can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to an everyday outfit. They are worn for formal occasions such as weddings or gala concerts to add a touch of glamour to the look. Simple carnation or huggy earrings are suitable for business meetings as they are not too distracting and add a touch of professionalism to the look.

All these items can also be made to order in our jewellery shop. These can be exclusive crosses or any other piece of jewellery. They are designed according to the requirements of the customer. The cost of products from the manufacturer is quite affordable for customers. Jewellery may be ordered or bought by countries of Poland, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. It is up to the customer to suggest the model and design, taking into account that the price is quite satisfactory.


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