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Exclusive necklaces

With rocksWith rocksNecklace with diamondsNecklace with diamondsWithout insertsWithout insertsЮвелирные изделия на заказExclusive necklaces to order
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Necklace "Waltz of Color"Necklace "Waltz of Color"
Артикул A1145WM
Necklace "Waltz of Color"
2 282 pln
Necklace StardustNecklace Stardust
Артикул A8912F
Necklace Stardust
1 289 pln
Necklace "Diamond heart"Necklace "Diamond heart"
Артикул А0716WM
Necklace "Diamond heart"
1 905 pln
Necklace "Love"Necklace "Love"
Артикул A235674F
Necklace "Love"
2 159 pln
Necklace "Anchor"Necklace "Anchor"
Артикул A07112020F
Necklace "Anchor"
3 837 pln
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Pendant "Witch" with sapphiresPendant "Witch" with sapphires
Артикул P0905938WM
Pendant "Witch" with sapphires
3 944 pln
Necklace "Heart" with diamondsNecklace "Heart" with diamonds
Артикул А2202927WF
Necklace "Heart" with diamonds
4 263 pln
"Starry Sky" necklace"Starry Sky" necklace
Артикул А1445WM
"Starry Sky" necklace
13 456 pln
"Fairy Garden" necklace"Fairy Garden" necklace
Артикул А1534М
"Fairy Garden" necklace
12 490 pln
"Heart" necklace with diamonds"Heart" necklace with diamonds
Артикул А0959WM
"Heart" necklace with diamonds
2 202 pln
"Ukrainian" necklace"Ukrainian" necklace
Артикул А1036WM
"Ukrainian" necklace
1 446 pln
Necklace "Anna" on the anchor chainNecklace "Anna" on the anchor chain
Артикул А0903903F
Necklace "Anna" on the anchor chain
3 384 pln
Necklace Letter "K"Necklace Letter "K"
Артикул А270507F
Necklace Letter "K"
2 737 pln
Necklace "Daria"Necklace "Daria"
Артикул А0345WM
Necklace "Daria"
3 668 pln
Necklace "Sun rays"Necklace "Sun rays"
Артикул А9100F
Necklace "Sun rays"
1 582 pln
Necklace "Te Amo"Necklace "Te Amo"
Артикул А3045M
Necklace "Te Amo"
3 220 pln
Named necklace "Valeria"Named necklace "Valeria"
Артикул А9021M
Named necklace "Valeria"
3 260 pln
Necklace "The Power of Faith"Necklace "The Power of Faith"
Артикул А2134WF
Necklace "The Power of Faith"
4 154 pln

Exclusive necklaces for charming women at ZL JEWELRY

A gold necklace is a piece of jewellery that any woman will adore. A necklace can be worn under an evening dress or trouser suit with a low neckline. Then it will be a highlight of the image and the day out will be remembered for a long time.

You can buy this gold necklace at a low price in our shop. Each piece of jewellery is unique in its configuration and execution. Jewellers follow fashion trends in the field of jewelry and create collections worthy of the highest praise. Online purchasing allows anyone in Poland to become the owner of an unusual necklace.


What kind of necklaces are considered exclusive?

An exclusive gold necklace is a piece of jewellery with an unusual pendant. On our website you will find necklaces with topaz, sapphires, diamonds and semi-precious stones. There are variants for mothers - with a picture of a mother and a newborn. You can buy a model with natural pearls. Looks original jewellery with a pendant with a name or inscription-initials on the pendant.

The main varieties of unusual necklaces are several.

  1. Plastron. Massive piece, covering the neckline and the neck.
  2. Fermoire. The clasp is in the front, not in the back.
  3. Riviere. The fastening place is concealed by special inserts. Designers recommend to combine this solution with an evening dress.
  4. Slavage. Has the form of strips of fabric with a large pendant.

What to wear the necklace with

If you have chosen clothes in the classic style, the necklace is suitable under a shirt with a stand-up collar. A short piece of jewellery will look great with a round neckline. The mid-length version goes with any wardrobe and neckline shape.

Long model is worn with the dress with a low neckline. Such a solution will elongate the silhouette, emphasizing its sophistication and elegance. Compose a beautiful set with the necklace you can buy a gold bracelet to order.

How to store and clean a necklace

When you decide to buy a necklace, you need to know how to store it correctly so that your jewellery piece will not lose its original appearance even over time.

  1. Take the necklace off before you go to bed. This will help prevent crumpling and deformation.
  2. To prevent stains on gold, keep the item away from cosmetics, perfumes, medicines and salt water.
  3. The ideal method of storage is in a dry place out of direct sunlight and unfolded. This can be in a personal pouch or jewellery box.
  4. Handmade gold necklaces, bought at a good price from us, can be cleaned from time to time with a soft piece of cloth or chamois. The cloth will remove dirt and grease. Thanks to such cleaning, the jewellery does not darken but, on the contrary, acquires a distinctive shine.

Where to order an exclusive necklace

“ZL JEWELRY” jewellery is popular in Poland. We are known in every corner of the country. You can order your jewellery from the manufacturer on our website by filling in a form. All you need to do is to provide minimum contact information so we can contact you and send your jewellery to your place of residence.

The jewellery is made to order in record time. We deliver to Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Lodz, Poznan, Gdańsk and other locations in Poland. The shipping costs are affordable.


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