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On an ebony tree

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Cross "Original"Cross "Original"
Артикул KE1208M
Cross "Original"
6 824 pln
Cross with white crucifixCross with white crucifix
Артикул Х19112020G
Cross with white crucifix
4 248 pln
Cross with faces of saintsCross with faces of saints
Артикул Х3219WМ
Cross with faces of saints
22 939 pln
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Cross "Guardians"Cross "Guardians"
Артикул Х3214E
Cross "Guardians"
14 165 pln
Cross "Son of God"Cross "Son of God"
Артикул X1530M
Cross "Son of God"
20 953 pln
Cross "Legend"Cross "Legend"
Артикул X7412M
Cross "Legend"
9 634 pln
Cross "Mystery"Cross "Mystery"
Артикул Х46541M
Cross "Mystery"
16 524 pln
Cross "Double Strength"Cross "Double Strength"
Артикул X4653M
Cross "Double Strength"
21 037 pln
Cross "Andrew the First-Called"Cross "Andrew the First-Called"
Артикул XE7214WM
Cross "Andrew the First-Called"
13 793 pln
Cross "Andrew the First-Called"Cross "Andrew the First-Called"
Артикул XE5652M
Cross "Andrew the First-Called"
16 940 pln
Cross "Save and Preserve"Cross "Save and Preserve"
Артикул X4674E
Cross "Save and Preserve"
2 218 pln
Cross "Ornament"Cross "Ornament"
Артикул XE4641M
Cross "Ornament"
13 179 pln
Cross "Royal Dream"Cross "Royal Dream"
Артикул XE4613M
Cross "Royal Dream"
3 866 pln
Cross "Guardian"Cross "Guardian"
Артикул XE1709M
Cross "Guardian"
7 376 pln
Cross "Special"Cross "Special"
Артикул XE1608M
Cross "Special"
11 348 pln
Cross "Exclusive"Cross "Exclusive"
Артикул XE5913WL
Cross "Exclusive"
10 811 pln
Cross "Guardian Angel"Cross "Guardian Angel"
Артикул XE1108M
Cross "Guardian Angel"
10 232 pln
Cross "Incredible Power"Cross "Incredible Power"
Артикул XE1308E
Cross "Incredible Power"
29 775 pln
Cross "Spiritual Power"Cross "Spiritual Power"
Артикул Х9832L
Cross "Spiritual Power"
2 363 pln
Cross on wood with original CrucifixCross on wood with original Crucifix
Артикул Х46341G
Cross on wood with original Crucifix
1 752 pln
Cross "Element"Cross "Element"
Артикул Х46531M
Cross "Element"
7 467 pln

Buying a church cross on Ebony from the ZL Jewelry online shop

Ebony grows in tropical forests and is unaffected by insects or water. That is why it is often used in jewelry making. With its noble black colour, possibly with veining, it is an excellent shade for gold and gemstones. The wooden orthodox cross looks massive and allows it to be inlaid with gold inlays, even entire religious compositions.

Ebony itself belongs to the valuable species, so the cost of some types can be very high - the less visible pattern and the fewer veins, the more expensive such a sample. In addition, the material is very resistant to a variety of physical influences, and the black colour goes well with all types of gold - yellow, red, lemon and white.

The Eben wood cross with gold inlays can also be worn on jewellery lanyards or chains - the ZL Jewelry shop offers a wide selection of both on the pages of its website.

Church crosses from the manufacturer in a wide range

Eben wood jewelry accessories need to be chosen carefully and carefully. Because the pieces are quite voluminous, they can feature many decorative elements - hence they are often dedicated to a particular saint or designed for a particular action. Crosses for baptisms, for example, are small and necessarily include a crucifix, like the Spiritual Power model.

Our consultants will help you not only choose and buy a church cross, but also advise on the best type of jewellery lanyard or chain. In the catalogue of the online shop there are different types of crosses:

Buying of ebony cross in Poland to order

ZL Jewelry provides an opportunity to create your own personalised Ebony jewellery. You can choose the shape of the cross, its decorative finish, engraving and inlay. Our experienced jewellers will put the face of your saint or patron on the accessory and create an exclusive pendant according to your requirements at a reasonable price.

You can also order the original and unique jewellery in Poland - in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Lodz, Poznan, Gdansk - delivery is within a few days. ZL Jewelry guarantees high quality of products, possibility of return and exchange, and reliability of payment.


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