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Leather bracelets with gold inserts

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Bracelet "Anchor"Bracelet "Anchor"
Артикул NSV1603M
Bracelet "Anchor"
6 022 pln
Bracelet "Fire dragon" on the skinBracelet "Fire dragon" on the skin
Артикул В2221G
Bracelet "Fire dragon" on the skin
4 554 pln
Bracelet "Golden key"Bracelet "Golden key"
Артикул B7121M
Bracelet "Golden key"
3 406 pln
Bracelet "Tiger" on leatherBracelet "Tiger" on leather
Артикул В1354М
Bracelet "Tiger" on leather
34 235 pln
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Bracelet "YEVGENII"Bracelet "YEVGENII"
Артикул В0941М
Bracelet "YEVGENII"
13 475 pln
Bracelet "A"Bracelet "A"
Артикул В1155WM
Bracelet "A"
10 968 pln
Bracelet tree of lifeBracelet tree of life
Артикул B6712M
Bracelet tree of life
2 832 pln
Bracelet "Encrypted symbols"Bracelet "Encrypted symbols"
Артикул B3487M
Bracelet "Encrypted symbols"
8 725 pln
Bracelet "Name"Bracelet "Name"
Артикул VK1407M
Bracelet "Name"
8 786 pln
Bracelet "Hieroglyphs"Bracelet "Hieroglyphs"
Артикул VK1149G
Bracelet "Hieroglyphs"
5 915 pln
Bracelet "Lyra"Bracelet "Lyra"
Артикул VK13242M
Bracelet "Lyra"
9 617 pln
Bracelet "Malevich"Bracelet "Malevich"
Артикул B6346L
Bracelet "Malevich"
4 611 pln
Bracelet "Shoulder straps"Bracelet "Shoulder straps"
Артикул VK15243M
Bracelet "Shoulder straps"
13 274 pln
Bracelet "Cipher"Bracelet "Cipher"
Артикул VK4546M
Bracelet "Cipher"
8 786 pln
Bracelet "Rune"Bracelet "Rune"
Артикул B1549M
Bracelet "Rune"
5 845 pln
Bracelet "Devon"Bracelet "Devon"
Артикул B46987M
Bracelet "Devon"
5 287 pln
Bracelet "Serpent"Bracelet "Serpent"
Артикул B16546L
Bracelet "Serpent"
7 354 pln
Bracelet "Scorpion"Bracelet "Scorpion"
Артикул B12346M
Bracelet "Scorpion"
30 924 pln
Bracelet "Stars"Bracelet "Stars"
Артикул B1003H
Bracelet "Stars"
3 468 pln
Bracelet "Scorpions"Bracelet "Scorpions"
Артикул B1546M
Bracelet "Scorpions"
13 657 pln
Bracelet "Amber"Bracelet "Amber"
Артикул B24674M
Bracelet "Amber"
13 926 pln
Bracelet with red gold insertsBracelet with red gold inserts
Артикул В1211L
Bracelet with red gold inserts
7 835 pln

Leather bracelets with gold inlays from ZL Jewelry

The gold hand braslet is practically uncovered by clothes and is always in plain sight. Bracelets are very popular accessories that can be worn with any style of dress, from sporty to classic. Leather models with gold or stone inlays are ideal for everyday wear. They are resistant to wear, comfortable and attract attention with their unconventional design.

Leather bracelets from the manufacturer

Originally, accessories made of leather were used by sailors, and then moved into other areas. They are comfortable, do not disturb in everyday life, when working with a computer, in the gym. A large part of the collection in the online shop is dedicated to nautical theme, strength, power. In its jewellery the company uses high-quality leathers, including some quite exotic ones. They are not afraid of water, sunlight and are resistant to wear and tear - created to be worn daily.

Modern trends in fashion show that leather bracelets are worn in several pieces on the arm, combining different styles and materials. In our online shop, it is very easy to choose one or more models from pictures and videos.

If necessary, each customer has the opportunity to order a custom design of jewellery on your own subject, with unique components. Long-term experience of the company guarantees quality performance at a reasonable price. Any of your fantasy can be embodied in a leather accessory.

Bracelets in leather on the arm - show your style in every detail

The assortment of our leather bangles online allows every customer to easily purchase a leather bracelet. Massive or slim elements, wide bands or delicate weaving, jewels, minerals - the assortment satisfies everyone:

In addition, a wide range of variations with zodiac signs, hieroglyphs, initials, unusual symbols and engravings. The different types of braid allow men and women to choose jewellery. Gold bracelets with leather inlays are a great way to express your individuality, style and success.

Online shop “ZL Jewelry” in Europe

Due to our on-going care for our clients, we have established the first online shop of Ukrainian jewelers in Poland. Easy choice of products, reasonable price, professional consultations at your convenience, fast delivery and payment security - all the advantages of the company have remained unchanged. Now you can order your favorite leather bracelets with gold inlays with delivery to Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland. In any country in Europe, our jewelry will arrive quickly, in the original packaging.


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