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With diamonds

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Cross "Night path"Cross "Night path"
Артикул ХС17012021WM
Cross "Night path"
1 045 pln
Cross with stonesCross with stones
Артикул XB17015031M
Cross with stones
1 008 pln
Baptismal cross with stonesBaptismal cross with stones
Артикул ХК175089M
Baptismal cross with stones
583 pln
Cross "Black Prince"Cross "Black Prince"
Артикул X7861M
Cross "Black Prince"
15 539 pln
Cross with stone inlaysCross with stone inlays
Артикул Х1756М
Cross with stone inlays
12 992 pln
Didn't find the right cross?
Our experts will help you in choosing jewelry
Cross "Classic" in red goldCross "Classic" in red gold
Артикул Х1841М
Cross "Classic" in red gold
10 223 pln
Rays cross in lemon goldRays cross in lemon gold
Артикул Х1842М
Rays cross in lemon gold
12 828 pln
Cross "Openwork Shine"Cross "Openwork Shine"
Артикул XA4573WM
Cross "Openwork Shine"
463 pln
Cross "Indefatigable Faith"Cross "Indefatigable Faith"
Артикул XC7464M
Cross "Indefatigable Faith"
6 440 pln
Cross "Openwork" with saintsCross "Openwork" with saints
Артикул XC178952M
Cross "Openwork" with saints
9 925 pln
Cross "Royal"Cross "Royal"
Артикул ХВ7631WG
Cross "Royal"
16 752 pln
Cross "Dream"Cross "Dream"
Артикул ХВ1564M
Cross "Dream"
16 216 pln
Cross "Diamond Path"Cross "Diamond Path"
Артикул ХВ1124G
Cross "Diamond Path"
463 pln
Cross "Elegance"Cross "Elegance"
Артикул X1238WM
Cross "Elegance"
587 pln
Cross "Individuality"Cross "Individuality"
Артикул ХВ1105M
Cross "Individuality"
5 778 pln
Cross "Openwork"Cross "Openwork"
Артикул XC1308M
Cross "Openwork"
10 298 pln
Cross "Glitter"Cross "Glitter"
Артикул Х45034WG
Cross "Glitter"
674 pln
Cross "Sincerity"Cross "Sincerity"
Артикул ХК46352G
Cross "Sincerity"
3 135 pln
Cross with a blue stoneCross with a blue stone
Артикул Х502145M
Cross with a blue stone
6 000 pln
Cross with black enamelCross with black enamel
Артикул KS125169M
Cross with black enamel
15 171 pln
Decorative cross with black diamondDecorative cross with black diamond
Артикул HK1854843M
Decorative cross with black diamond
1 131 pln
Decorative cross "Gentle"Decorative cross "Gentle"
Артикул ХВ154265M
Decorative cross "Gentle"
524 pln
Decorative heraldic crossDecorative heraldic cross
Артикул X16541M
Decorative heraldic cross
1 499 pln

The exclusive gold and diamond crosses from ZL Jewelry

Precious stones always add originality to jewellery, increase its value and attractiveness and show the status of the wearer. Diamonds in this case are the most popular and sought-after. The main reason for this popularity is that the colourless cut stones perfectly match various materials and coloured stones, and give even the most massive accessories some lightness and transparency. And let's not forget the lustre, which plays with all the colours of the spectrum.

A gold cross with diamonds would be a perfect gift for a loved one, for a child's christening or for a young person who likes non-trivial jewellery. The jewellery shop ZL Jewelry offers a rich catalogue of models intended for every customer. You will find elegant, decorative diamond crosses, as well as varieties for children combined with other stones.

How to choose a diamond cross in the online catalogue?

The company's website features a variety of designs that will satisfy the most discerning customers. For special occasions, you can always contact a consultant and get help in choosing an accessory:

Create bespoke gold crosses with stones is another option from the manufacturer ZL Jewelry. Experienced designers and jewellers will help you create your own jewellery concept, with original details and engravings. You can choose from all kinds of metal and cut diamonds, as well as cubic zirconia, crystals, wood and other components.

Buy a cross with diamonds in Europe

The development of our business and the constant need of our customers for new jewelry has led ZL Jewelry to open a new store in Europe. You can place an order at any convenient time without leaving your home. Many purchase options, including the possibility of credit, allow everyone, Ukrainians and Poles, to buy quality diamond jewelry accessories. Delivery is possible to all cities - be it Poland, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.


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