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Is it possible to manufacture from the material (metal or stones) of the customer?
Yes. We can also work with our own material.
Why does gold cause allergies?
It is not precious metals that cause allergies, but the additives contained in the alloy, most often nickel causes allergies.
What is white gold?
The color of gold can be different, depending on the additives in the alloy. The white color of the alloy is given by palladium, silver, nickel. White gold is often confused with rhodium plating.
Why does gold have different colors?
The color of gold depends on the composition of alloying additives, because products are not made from pure gold - it is too soft. Additives are designed to improve the physical properties of the alloy - ductility, ductility, hardness, color, gloss, etc. Different manufacturers use different ligatures (additives), so their gold color is different, from pale yellow to bright red.
What does gold proof mean?
Gold fineness means the percentage of gold in the alloy (in jewelry) 585th - 58.5% of gold; 750ya - 75.0% gold, etc. The remaining percentages are special technological additives to give the product hardness, malleability, as well as obtaining the desired color of the product (white, red, yellow)

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