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Jewelry for sailors

BraceletsBraceletsPendantsPendantsSealsSealsWedding ringsWedding ringsЮвелирные изделия на заказJewelry for sailors to order
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Bracelet "Anchor"Bracelet "Anchor"
Артикул NSV1603M
Bracelet "Anchor"
6 022 pln
Wedding rings "Unbreakable bonds"Wedding rings "Unbreakable bonds"
Артикул NSK10112020M
Wedding rings "Unbreakable bonds"
3 268 pln
Wedding rings "Orion" with diamondsWedding rings "Orion" with diamonds
Артикул NSK9045M
Wedding rings "Orion" with diamonds
3 795 pln
"Lighthouse" pendant"Lighthouse" pendant
Артикул Е1062М
"Lighthouse" pendant
2 070 pln
Wedding rings "Sea breeze"Wedding rings "Sea breeze"
Артикул MO7810M
Wedding rings "Sea breeze"
4 445 pln
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Wedding ring "Sea depth"Wedding ring "Sea depth"
Артикул OB7654M
Wedding ring "Sea depth"
3 791 pln
Артикул MK7461M
Men's wedding ring "Memori"
2 673 pln
Артикул MK4578M
Women's wedding ring "Memori"
2 067 pln
Suspension "Parts of the World"Suspension "Parts of the World"
Артикул РВ1608G
Suspension "Parts of the World"
3 706 pln
Pendant "Anchor"Pendant "Anchor"
Артикул PK0116M
Pendant "Anchor"
1 606 pln
Wedding ring "Odyssey" with stonesWedding ring "Odyssey" with stones
Артикул NSK1321M
Wedding ring "Odyssey" with stones
2 911 pln
Bracelet "Four prayers" with anchorBracelet "Four prayers" with anchor
Артикул NSV1529WG
Bracelet "Four prayers" with anchor
6 717 pln
Pendant "Nicholas the Wonderworker"Pendant "Nicholas the Wonderworker"
Артикул HC1417M
Pendant "Nicholas the Wonderworker"
3 093 pln
Bracelet "Shoulder straps"Bracelet "Shoulder straps"
Артикул VK15243M
Bracelet "Shoulder straps"
13 274 pln
Bracelet "CaptainBracelet "Captain
Артикул NSV09112020M
Bracelet "Captain's"
14 463 pln
Wedding rings "Sides of the world"Wedding rings "Sides of the world"
Артикул NSK07112020M
Wedding rings "Sides of the world"
3 930 pln
Bracelet "Way of the sailor"Bracelet "Way of the sailor"
Артикул NSV7112020M
Bracelet "Way of the sailor"
11 455 pln
Pendant "Hammer of Thor"Pendant "Hammer of Thor"
Артикул HC05112020M
Pendant "Hammer of Thor"
8 550 pln
Necklace "Anchor"Necklace "Anchor"
Артикул A07112020F
Necklace "Anchor"
3 837 pln
Icon "Nicholas the Wonderworker" on ebonyIcon "Nicholas the Wonderworker" on ebony
Артикул HC07112020M
Icon "Nicholas the Wonderworker" on ebony
3 452 pln
Wedding rings with anchor and helmWedding rings with anchor and helm
Артикул NSK190303M
Wedding rings with anchor and helm
3 858 pln
Bracelet "Marine theme"Bracelet "Marine theme"
Артикул NSV04082020M
Bracelet "Marine theme"
9 976 pln
Cross with crucifix and anchorCross with crucifix and anchor
Артикул NSH280703M
Cross with crucifix and anchor
2 855 pln

Sailor jewellery for every taste at ZL JEWELRY

Seafarers' jewellery is a product that will be appreciated by anyone who regularly goes out at sea. They have been popular since the 20th century. Jewellers embody in imaginative models their creativity and talent, realise their skill.

On our website you will find original collections of jewellery designed in the form of the inhabitants of the water element. We are talking about figurines of fish, dolphins, octopuses and crabs. Even the seal of the sailor looks nontrivial - it implies an image on a maritime theme.

You can order products from anywhere in Poland. Delivery is made in the shortest possible time. All products are certified and our prices are reasonable.

Fashionable jewellery for sailors in the range

ZL JEWELRY creates jewellery taking into account current trends in the field. You are presented with solutions demonstrating the world of the underwater world. The models available in the catalogue of our shop will be appreciated by supporters of harmonious combination of semi-precious stones and diamonds with luxurious settings. The high quality of each item corresponds to its price.

We also sell original anchor bracelets and rings. To buy nautical-themed jewellery, decide on the best option and fill in the online order form. All information that the site asks for remains confidential.

Peculiarities of caring for your nautical jewellery

Gold jewellery can become tarnished over time. But you can get rid of them by properly cleaning your jewellery. You should also avoid swimming in the pool and taking a shower. Gold deteriorates when exposed to moisture and direct sunlight.

Nautical models do not require constant care. But as the need arises to make your jewellery shine, you'll need to take care of its appearance. There are several ways to do this.

  1. Jewellers know all about professional cleaning of precious metals and stones. If possible, a gold bracelet or other item of jewellery should be sent to a professional jeweller. He or she will assess which cleaning method is most suitable and gentle. Jewellers use special polishing pastes, a technique that cleans the surface of the item using ultrasound. The jeweller can also detect small imperfections and repair them using the appropriate tools.
  2. If you decide to care for your jewellery yourself, ensure you have a soft cloth.
  3. You can wash your gold in soapy water as and when it gets dirty. Do not use abrasive products, as these could scratch the jewellery.

Original nautical jewellery design at ZL JEWELRY

Bespoke nautical jewellery in our shop is made by the best jewellers. Every detail is thought out and honed. Precious stones are in harmony with gold. The cost of jewellery is affordable.

The managers of our store send jewelry on the sea theme to Poland, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia and other European countries.

We have regular customers, who appreciate all the benefits of cooperation, and buy again and again. Buy jewellery from us and you will not be disappointed with your choice!


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