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With rocks

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Necklace "Love"Necklace "Love"
Артикул A235674F
Necklace "Love"
1 984 pln
Pendant "Witch" with sapphiresPendant "Witch" with sapphires
Артикул P0905938WM
Pendant "Witch" with sapphires
3 651 pln
Necklace "Heart" with diamondsNecklace "Heart" with diamonds
Артикул А2202927WF
Necklace "Heart" with diamonds
3 929 pln
"Starry Sky" necklace"Starry Sky" necklace
Артикул А1445WM
"Starry Sky" necklace
12 321 pln
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"Heart" necklace with diamonds"Heart" necklace with diamonds
Артикул А0959WM
"Heart" necklace with diamonds
2 016 pln
Necklace "Anniversary" with pearlsNecklace "Anniversary" with pearls
Артикул K2202928E
Necklace "Anniversary" with pearls
639 pln
Necklace with Swarovski stoneNecklace with Swarovski stone
Артикул P1412707F
Necklace with Swarovski stone
609 pln

Exquisite stone necklaces at ZL JEWELRY

A stone necklace is an exquisite piece of jewellery, regardless of the features of the model. The jewellery highlights every lady's beauty - the seductive décolletage area and the slender neck. The gold chain and pendant are harmoniously combined in one model.

The jewellery manufactory ZL JEWELRY offers a wide range of necklaces with handmade stones. Due to the great interest of customers in the products, the options available can be safely called the opening of the fashion season. There are reserved products and massive with a scattering of jewels.

The model determines the value of the jewellery. Our managers send parcels to Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Lodz, Poznan, Gdańsk and other locations.

The variety of stone necklaces

Stones in gold can be of the following kinds.

  1. Jewellery decorated with just one stone. Laconic solution, suitable for work, can also be worn with an evening dress. What colour to choose, guided by your taste. Although more common are transparent jewels.
  2. A piece with an inlay in the form of a scattering of gems.

To arouse the admiration of others, you need to consider the following criteria.

  1. A stone can be natural or artificial. Sapphire, diamond, ruby in a necklace look excellent.
  2. Consider the preferred shape of the piece. In addition to the heart and clover, there are enough models with other pendants in the catalogue of our shop.
  3. Think about the length of the jewellery. After all, this parameter affects the comfort of wearing the necklace and its ability to highlight a woman's virtues.
  4. The clasp must be sturdy and secure.

Buy a necklace of natural stones for a mature lady better classic. Buying a gift for a girl, you can afford more freedom of choice.

How and with what to combine a necklace with stones

Recommendations of professionals, thanks to which, wearing a necklace with incrustation, a woman will feel like a queen.

  1. To keep the piece of jewellery from collecting dust in your casket, think about the purpose for which you are buying it. For a festive occasion, a fancy braided model with precious gems or a diamond is ideal.
  2. Take a look through your wardrobe and, if necessary, freshen up your outfit by purchasing a new evening gown or luxurious suit. A necklace with stones in calm, pastel colours can be chosen under a dress that emphasises a girl's gracefulness and tenderness. A version with diamonds adds sexuality and expression. An outfit with a deep neckline is better complemented by a thin, "airy" necklace.
  3. You can also order a fine model with a pendant or medallion. Several pendants may look great on the neck at once. A jewellery lanyard around the neck can be one of these items. The exception is a necklace with a diamond. A diamond jewellery piece does not require any addition.

How to become a compliment magnet with ZL JEWELRY

To become an alluring woman and attract the eyes of others, it is enough to buy a diamond necklace in the online shop "ZL JEWELRY". Such a luxurious gift is a cherished dream of any lady. The best jewellery items are sold online in the catalogue.

To order jewellery can be purchased at a reasonable price. Choose a jewellery piece from the manufacturer and place your order. It won't take more than five minutes. Delivery is available all over Poland.


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