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90s fashion

90s fashion bracelet90s fashion bracelet90s fashion chains90s fashion chains90s fashion crosses90s fashion crosses
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Ring "Flora"Ring "Flora"
Артикул KO3201G
Ring "Flora"
962 pln
Ring "Little Savannah"Ring "Little Savannah"
Артикул KS7319M
Ring "Little Savannah"
1 216 pln
Ring "Hypnosis"Ring "Hypnosis"
Артикул KM8312WM
Ring "Hypnosis"
2 248 pln
Earrings "Fan"Earrings "Fan"
Артикул SS1874H
Earrings "Fan"
5 701 pln
Earrings "Balls from the USSR"Earrings "Balls from the USSR"
Артикул C0146H
Earrings "Balls from the USSR"
588 pln
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Earrings "Tenderness of Artemis"Earrings "Tenderness of Artemis"
Артикул CB8512G
Earrings "Tenderness of Artemis"
1 421 pln
Earrings "Sunflower"Earrings "Sunflower"
Артикул SK7341G
Earrings "Sunflower"
3 112 pln
Earrings "Amethyst sincerity"Earrings "Amethyst sincerity"
Артикул CM7264G
Earrings "Amethyst sincerity"
1 231 pln
Topaz earringsTopaz earrings
Артикул SK2579G
Topaz earrings
769 pln
Earrings "Classic"Earrings "Classic"
Артикул SK6146M
Earrings "Classic"
1 611 pln
Bayfoot chainBayfoot chain
Артикул TK0238H
Bayfoot chain
19 000 pln
Cross "Archangel Michael" in red goldCross "Archangel Michael" in red gold
Артикул Х46354G
Cross "Archangel Michael" in red gold
4 619 pln
Cross "Charm"Cross "Charm"
Артикул X4678G
Cross "Charm"
9 204 pln
Cross "Exclusive"Cross "Exclusive"
Артикул XE5913WL
Cross "Exclusive"
10 811 pln
Chain "Claimhest"Chain "Claimhest"
Артикул TT2413G
Chain "Claimhest"
15 912 pln
Bracelet "Spike"Bracelet "Spike"
Артикул B1504H
Bracelet "Spike"
35 474 pln
Bracelet "Cannes"Bracelet "Cannes"
Артикул B89364L
Bracelet "Cannes"
15 119 pln
Chain "Flat Bismarck"Chain "Flat Bismarck"
Артикул TK3011H
Chain "Flat Bismarck"
25 688 pln
Wedding rings "Masterpiece"Wedding rings "Masterpiece"
Артикул OB1206H
Wedding rings "Masterpiece"
760 pln
Congo earrings 50 mmCongo earrings 50 mm
Артикул ST07052009G
Congo earrings 50 mm
3 499 pln
Wedding rings "Classic" narrowWedding rings "Classic" narrow
Артикул OB6920H
Wedding rings "Classic" narrow
621 pln

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