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Wedding rings

Classic and flatClassic and flatRed gold wedding ringsRed gold wedding ringsLemon gold wedding ringsLemon gold wedding ringsWhite gold wedding ringsWhite gold wedding ringsCombined wedding ringsCombined wedding ringsWith rocksWith rocksWedding rings with diamondsWedding rings with diamondsElite wedding rings Elite wedding rings TransformerTransformerЮвелирные изделия на заказWedding rings to orderЮвелирные изделия на заказWedding ring designer
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Wedding rings "King + Queen"Wedding rings "King + Queen"
Артикул OB7546M
Wedding rings "King + Queen"
1 598 pln
Wedding rings "Patterns"Wedding rings "Patterns"
Артикул OB6467M
Wedding rings "Patterns"
2 419 pln
Wedding rings "Magic numbers"Wedding rings "Magic numbers"
Артикул OB63574WM
Wedding rings "Magic numbers"
3 595 pln
Wedding ring "Sunny dance"Wedding ring "Sunny dance"
Артикул ОВ9769M
Wedding ring "Sunny dance"
2 035 pln
Wedding ring "Always together"Wedding ring "Always together"
Артикул OB9511M
Wedding ring "Always together"
1 794 pln
Didn't find the right engagement ring?
Our experts will help you in choosing wedding rings
Wedding ring "Two worlds"Wedding ring "Two worlds"
Артикул ОВ0674М
Wedding ring "Two worlds"
2 130 pln
Wedding rings "Hidden messages"Wedding rings "Hidden messages"
Артикул ОВ9024E
Wedding rings "Hidden messages"
4 562 pln
Wedding ring "Yin and Yang"Wedding ring "Yin and Yang"
Артикул ОВ4410M
Wedding ring "Yin and Yang"
1 694 pln
Wedding ring "Amulet"Wedding ring "Amulet"
Артикул ОВ6741M
Wedding ring "Amulet"
1 713 pln
Wedding rings "Royal faces"Wedding rings "Royal faces"
Артикул ОВ5012М
Wedding rings "Royal faces"
1 713 pln
Wedding rings "Amulet" with stonesWedding rings "Amulet" with stones
Артикул ОВ3245М
Wedding rings "Amulet" with stones
2 241 pln
Wedding ring "Love story"Wedding ring "Love story"
Артикул ОВ0121WM
Wedding ring "Love story"
2 927 pln
Wedding ring "Solar extravaganza"Wedding ring "Solar extravaganza"
Артикул ОВ2031WM
Wedding ring "Solar extravaganza"
4 355 pln
Wedding ring "Mystery"Wedding ring "Mystery"
Артикул ОВТ3012M
Wedding ring "Mystery"
1 979 pln
Wedding ring "Moon path"Wedding ring "Moon path"
Артикул ОВ0020L
Wedding ring "Moon path"
1 522 pln
Combined wedding ringCombined wedding ring
Артикул ОВ7455М
Combined wedding ring
3 598 pln
Wedding ring "Halves" in white goldWedding ring "Halves" in white gold
Артикул ОВ0310WM
Wedding ring "Halves" in white gold
3 400 pln
Wedding ring "Halves"Wedding ring "Halves"
Артикул ОВ3705M
Wedding ring "Halves"
2 928 pln
Wedding ring "Gift of the sun"Wedding ring "Gift of the sun"
Артикул ОВ9825M
Wedding ring "Gift of the sun"
1 995 pln
Wedding ring "Kiss of Aphrodite"Wedding ring "Kiss of Aphrodite"
Артикул ОВК0310М
Wedding ring "Kiss of Aphrodite"
2 502 pln
Wedding rings "Sea storm"Wedding rings "Sea storm"
Артикул OB7315М
Wedding rings "Sea storm"
2 867 pln
Wedding ring "Magic of love"Wedding ring "Magic of love"
Артикул ОВ3256М
Wedding ring "Magic of love"
2 111 pln
Wedding rings "Melody of the heart"Wedding rings "Melody of the heart"
Артикул OBT1245WM
Wedding rings "Melody of the heart"
2 502 pln

Original engagement rings from the manufacturer ZL Jewelry

The sacrament of marriage is the most important part of most people's lives. Besides a perfect fairytale wedding, outfits and guest lists, newlyweds choose unique gold engagement rings. The ZL Jewelry online shop offers an extensive catalogue of models including over one hundred items. So that everyone can choose a piece of jewellery that fully reflects their love for their partner. There is also an option to order production according to original drawings - experienced jewellers will produce high quality pieces that meet all requirements.

Gold wedding rings is love that reflected in metal

From time immemorial, wedding bands have been a symbol of belonging to a family or clan. That's why they tried to make them original and unusual and decorated with precious stones. Wedding rings on the other hand should be wear-resistant as they are used daily. That is why they are made of gold and other precious metals.

Till some 30-40 years ago there was only one version of this accessory: a bezel, smooth, shiny and without jewellery. A special chic was the engraving on the inner surface. Today, there are countless variations of engagement rings - the design is constantly changing, but always in keeping with tradition. Our online catalogue features a variety of models. From classic to ultra modern. You can choose from a wide range of designs at various prices, with the possibility of changing elements, names, wishes and recognitions.

How to choose and buy a gold wedding ring online?

To make your purchase a success, ZL Jewelry specialist will help to solve any issues - size, types of gold, adding precious and semi-precious stones, packaging, branded cases. Everything is discussed online, so that the buyer has a complete picture of what kind of jewellery he or she will have at the wedding. But at the very beginning it is necessary to choose exclusive golden rings in subcategories:

Buy engagement rings to order

Despite the choices presented by our designers, newlyweds should always have a unique piece of jewellery created by them. If this is the case, ZL Jewelry provides the opportunity to custom order according to the customer's drawings or with the help of our specialists. On the website there is a ring constructor where you can choose not only the variety of gold, diamonds, stones, but also their location, size and combination. Due to this you will get exclusive wedding rings, which will please the couple not only as a symbol of eternal love, but also as a product of joint creativity.

Buy gold wedding rings in Europe

Wherever you are, ZL Jewelry's online store provides the convenience of ordering from any city. Be it Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Austria - the delivery of selected items is fast and on time. After all, anyone can be late for a wedding - but not wedding rings.


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