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Gold chains up to 50 gr.

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Chain "Bismarck" (lock-box)Chain "Bismarck" (lock-box)
Артикул ТН170904H
Chain "Bismarck" (lock-box)
14 259 pln
Chain "Python"Chain "Python"
Артикул T2320H
Chain "Python"
3 939 pln
The "Faces of the Saints" chainThe "Faces of the Saints" chain
Артикул ТТ1211М
The "Faces of the Saints" chain
36 933 pln
Chain MosaicChain Mosaic
Артикул Т7812H
Chain Mosaic
5 025 pln
Chain of family initials D T MChain of family initials D T M
Артикул TT0912L
Chain of family initials D T M
17 577 pln
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Chain "Harmony"Chain "Harmony"
Артикул ТТ3567L
Chain "Harmony"
14 486 pln
Chain "Christ"Chain "Christ"
Артикул ТН051424G
Chain "Christ"
12 858 pln
Chain "Charm"Chain "Charm"
Артикул ТН0411H
Chain "Charm"
5 162 pln
Chain "Courage, Victory, Strength"Chain "Courage, Victory, Strength"
Артикул TK3110L
Chain "Courage, Victory, Strength"
14 323 pln
Chain "Interlacing"Chain "Interlacing"
Артикул TT3110H
Chain "Interlacing"
15 617 pln
Chain "Classic"Chain "Classic"
Артикул TK1031H
Chain "Classic"
12 901 pln
Chain "Artel"Chain "Artel"
Артикул TM2710H
Chain "Artel"
5 263 pln
Chain "Aliad"Chain "Aliad"
Артикул TM0905H
Chain "Aliad"
5 841 pln
Chain "Symbol of Courage"Chain "Symbol of Courage"
Артикул TK2810H
Chain "Symbol of Courage"
5 772 pln
Chain "Wolves"Chain "Wolves"
Артикул TK2021L
Chain "Wolves"
7 441 pln
Circuit "Connection"Circuit "Connection"
Артикул TN2010H
Circuit "Connection"
6 926 pln
Chain "Classic"Chain "Classic"
Артикул Т9015H
Chain "Classic"
6 432 pln
Chain "Power of Faith"Chain "Power of Faith"
Артикул ТТ9815L
Chain "Power of Faith"
13 206 pln
Chain "Nikita"Chain "Nikita"
Артикул ТТ9807L
Chain "Nikita"
16 926 pln
Chain "Distela"Chain "Distela"
Артикул T0905L
Chain "Distela"
16 926 pln
Chain "Snell"Chain "Snell"
Артикул ТН0107L
Chain "Snell"
7 888 pln
Chain "Blaker"Chain "Blaker"
Артикул ТН0903H
Chain "Blaker"
5 349 pln
Chain brookChain brook
Артикул TM0911H
Chain brook
2 581 pln

Gold chains up to 50 grams from manufacturer "ZL JEWELRY"

Gold chains are a timeless accessory that will add elegance and glamour to any outfit. In terms of practicality, they will suit anyone who wants to add a touch of style and sophistication to their wardrobe. They are versatile so they can be worn with a variety of clothing styles, and are suitable for men and women. The gold chain of 20 grams or more is worn as a single piece of jewellery or in combination with pendants. Items come in a variety of styles and designs, from simple and understated to bold and sophisticated.

For those who prefer a more sophisticated look, a fine jewellery piece will add a touch of elegance and sophistication. They are ideal for formal occasions, everyday wear and go well with a variety of clothing styles, from business suits to casual wear.

Choosing the right gold chain up to 50 grams

Before you buy a gold chain up to 50 grams, it is important to take your time and consider some factors:

  1. Carat weight. Items come in different weights from 10 to 24 carats. The higher it is, the purer the gold, but also the softer and more prone to damage. A 14- or 18-carat gold chain is a good balance between durability and purity.
  2. Type of chain. Items come in a variety of styles, choose one that complements your look and outfits. By type, jewellery is categorised as cast and blown.  In the former, all the links are made entirely of precious metal. They are in great demand in Poland. In the second version, chains seem massive, but they are not. For instance, if you decide to buy a 10-gram gold chain, it will look like it has 20-25 grams.
  3. Length is also important. Consider your body type and the necklines on your clothes when choosing. A short chain looks great with a high neckline and a long one with a deep neckline.
  4. Width and thickness affect durability and appearance. A thicker chain is more durable, but it is heavier and often less comfortable to wear. A thinner chain is more comfortable to wear but more prone to damage.
  5. The clasp is an important component of a gold chain and must be strong and secure.
  6. Cost. Jewellery varies in price depending on carat weight, style and brand. Set a budget and choose a piece that fits your budget but still meets the quality and style requirements.

This way, you are sure to be able to buy a gold chain up to 50 grams that suits you perfectly.

“ZL JEWELRY” online shop assortment

When buying gold products, it is important to choose a reputable jeweller and make sure that they bear the appropriate quality mark and carat weight. “ZL JEWELRY” online jewellery shop sells products of its own production. Here you will find a variety of gold chains up to 50 grams, differing in design, weave, high-quality manufacturing. TThe most popular weaves among the residents of Poland, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia are: Bismarck, Python, Tourniquet, Figaro and others. If you haven't found what you are looking for, you can have the piece made to order at any time. The master will definitely take into account your wishes, including the best prices. You can order a chain online using the service of the official website of the online shop "ZL JEWELRY".


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