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Gold chain from 50 gr.

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Chain "Basilisk" with stonesChain "Basilisk" with stones
Артикул Т33011M
Chain "Basilisk" with stones
24 175 pln
Chain "Mont Blanc"Chain "Mont Blanc"
Артикул TH231201L
Chain "Mont Blanc"
24 060 pln
Chain "Somvol"Chain "Somvol"
Артикул TK261120M
Chain "Somvol"
18 761 pln
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Chain SheikhChain Sheikh
Артикул ТТ3214M
Chain Sheikh
33 032 pln
The Values ChainThe Values Chain
Артикул ТТ1759М
The Values Chain
35 559 pln
"Wolves" chain in lemon gold"Wolves" chain in lemon gold
Артикул Т1829M
"Wolves" chain in lemon gold
6 662 pln
Chain "Heart of the Warrior"Chain "Heart of the Warrior"
Артикул ТТ9034WL
Chain "Heart of the Warrior"
47 952 pln
Chain "Ramses"Chain "Ramses"
Артикул ТТ1464H
Chain "Ramses"
18 849 pln
Chain "Mystery"Chain "Mystery"
Артикул TT2713L
Chain "Mystery"
17 667 pln
Chain "Legacy of the Gods"Chain "Legacy of the Gods"
Артикул TT0219G
Chain "Legacy of the Gods"
24 024 pln
Chain "Guardian Angel"Chain "Guardian Angel"
Артикул TT5157G
Chain "Guardian Angel"
17 628 pln
Chain "Dragons" with rubiesChain "Dragons" with rubies
Артикул ТТ1324М
Chain "Dragons" with rubies
18 592 pln
Chain "Original"Chain "Original"
Артикул M9475G
Chain "Original"
26 208 pln
Chain "Fortune"Chain "Fortune"
Артикул M1467G
Chain "Fortune"
26 676 pln
Bayfoot chainBayfoot chain
Артикул TK0238H
Bayfoot chain
19 000 pln
Chain "Save with Save"Chain "Save with Save"
Артикул TT1018H
Chain "Save with Save"
46 968 pln
Anchor chain figuredAnchor chain figured
Артикул TT0511G
Anchor chain figured
37 596 pln
Chain "Five Prayers"Chain "Five Prayers"
Артикул TT0910L
Chain "Five Prayers"
22 378 pln
Chain "Blanche"Chain "Blanche"
Артикул TT2810L
Chain "Blanche"
21 045 pln
Anchor chain with lock - boxAnchor chain with lock - box
Артикул TE1545H
Anchor chain with lock - box
17 328 pln
Chain "Combination"Chain "Combination"
Артикул ТН2110L
Chain "Combination"
20 695 pln

Gold chains from 50 grams by “ZL JEWELRY”

Of all the jewellery items, the most versatile is the chain. It suits everyone and every outfit. It is often complemented by various pendants, such as a cross, a pendant or a chandelier. But even without them this jewellery piece is considered ideal. Thanks to fantasy and creative skill of jewelers, gold chain organically combines solidity, delicacy, nobility. It largely depends on the weight of the piece. Online jewelry shop "ZL JEWELRY" offers a wide range of jewellery, among which the gold chain of 50 grams is in great demand. This is quite a massive piece of jewellery that looks rich and sometimes flamboyant; it largely depends on the design and weave of the piece.

Buying jewellery - peculiarities of choice

Residents of Poland, cities such as Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Lodz, Poznan and Gdańsk can use the services of a shop, to order beautiful gold chains. They can do this online and there is no need to go outside their flats. The catalogue with prices and other useful information will help you make your choice.

Before you buy a gold chain of 50 grams or more, it is advisable to read the information helpful in your choice:

  1. Chains can be made from different carats, which means the purity of the gold. Gold chains from 50 grams are likely to be made from 14-18 carat gold, which means it is alloyed with other metals such as copper, silver or nickel. This is done to increase the durability of the pieces, as pure gold is too soft for use in jewellery.
  2. The style of the jewellery can vary from classic to modern designs. Popular choices include curb, rope, box, snakeskin and many others. The choice of style may depend on the wearer's personal taste and the occasion for which the chain is intended.
  3. A 50 gram gold chain can be a spectacular piece of jewellery that will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. This is a significant investment and care should be taken to ensure that it is of high quality, well made and properly maintained. With proper care, a piece of jewellery can last for many years and even be passed down from generation to generation as a cherished family heirloom.

Before you buy a 50 gram gold chain, you should understand that each piece of jewellery has its own characteristics. These include design, weave, length, machine or handmade. This will help you make the right choice and not to be disappointed later.

What nuances to pay attention to when choosing

Despite the seeming simplicity, choosing a necklace can often be difficult. Therefore, it is advisable to listen to the opinion of experts. Consider the following factors:

Length is an important criterion. For women's chains, it is recommended to choose a length of 40-50 cm, which is considered optimal. Herewith it is necessary to take into account that it fits harmoniously into the image. It is better to buy a men's gold chain with a length of 50-60 cm. Be sure to check the proof, reliability of the lock, integrity of links.


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