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Women's chains

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Chain "Bismarck" (lock-box)Chain "Bismarck" (lock-box)
Артикул ТН170904H
Chain "Bismarck" (lock-box)
14 259 pln
Chain "Basilisk" with stonesChain "Basilisk" with stones
Артикул Т33011M
Chain "Basilisk" with stones
26 518 pln
Chain "Python"Chain "Python"
Артикул T2320H
Chain "Python"
3 939 pln
Chain "Bindweed" gracefulChain "Bindweed" graceful
Артикул TM31106F
Chain "Bindweed" graceful
1 224 pln
Scorpion chainScorpion chain
Артикул ТТ8411М
Scorpion chain
18 899 pln
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Capricorn chain in lemon goldCapricorn chain in lemon gold
Артикул ТТ6451М
Capricorn chain in lemon gold
16 019 pln
"Wolves" chain in lemon gold"Wolves" chain in lemon gold
Артикул Т1829M
"Wolves" chain in lemon gold
7 316 pln
Chain MosaicChain Mosaic
Артикул Т7812H
Chain Mosaic
5 025 pln
Chain SingaporeChain Singapore
Артикул T0912F
Chain Singapore
771 pln
Chain "Dragons" with rubiesChain "Dragons" with rubies
Артикул ТТ1324М
Chain "Dragons" with rubies
20 420 pln
Chain "Christ"Chain "Christ"
Артикул ТН051424G
Chain "Christ"
12 858 pln
Chain "Charm"Chain "Charm"
Артикул ТН0411H
Chain "Charm"
5 162 pln
Chain "Classic"Chain "Classic"
Артикул TK1031H
Chain "Classic"
12 901 pln
Chain "Artel"Chain "Artel"
Артикул TM2710H
Chain "Artel"
5 263 pln
Chain "Aliad"Chain "Aliad"
Артикул TM0905H
Chain "Aliad"
5 841 pln
Chain "Symbol of Courage"Chain "Symbol of Courage"
Артикул TK2810H
Chain "Symbol of Courage"
5 772 pln
Chain "Wolves"Chain "Wolves"
Артикул TK2021L
Chain "Wolves"
7 441 pln
Circuit "Connection"Circuit "Connection"
Артикул TN2010H
Circuit "Connection"
6 926 pln
Chain "Classic"Chain "Classic"
Артикул Т9015H
Chain "Classic"
6 432 pln
Chain "Power of Faith"Chain "Power of Faith"
Артикул ТТ9815L
Chain "Power of Faith"
13 206 pln
Chain "Magic of time"Chain "Magic of time"
Артикул ТТ9016L
Chain "Magic of time"
33 841 pln
Chain "Claimhest"Chain "Claimhest"
Артикул TT2413G
Chain "Claimhest"
17 723 pln
Chain "Snell"Chain "Snell"
Артикул ТН0107L
Chain "Snell"
7 888 pln

Women's chains from the manufacturer "ZL JEWELRY"

Women's gold chains are a popular accessory worn around the neck as jewellery. They come in different designs to suit different tastes and styles. These pieces are made from different types of gold, including yellow, white and rose gold. “ZL JEWELRY” online jewellery shop offers a range of them.

Women's gold chains vary in weight and size depending on the design and purpose of the jewellery. Some are thin and graceful, while others are thick and imposing. The weight also depends on the grade of gold used. Generally, the finished product can weigh from one ounce to several grams.

High-quality products from the manufacturer are available to everyone who lives in Poland today. Residents of Gdansk, Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Lodz can order gold jewellery including rings, earrings, leather laces with gold clasp and other items without leaving home - online, by visiting the official website of the e-shop. To choose, customers are invited to use the catalogue, which contains photos of products and indicates the current prices of them.

What gold chains are worn and how they are combined with?

They are worn with various outfits, including formal and casual. You can wear them as a simple but elegant accessory or combine them with other fine jewellery to create a more elegant look. For example, a simple gold chain can be paired with a pendant to add elegance to the overall look.

A few things should be kept in mind:

  1. The length of the chain should be chosen based on personal preference and the neckline of the outfit being worn.
  2. A short jewellery piece looks good with a higher neckline, and a long chain is better worn with a lower neckline.
  3. It also works well with other chains of different lengths. For example, a thin, sleek gold chain can be layered over a thicker one to create a stylish and modern look.

Women's chains made from precious metal are worn on a variety of occasions: for formal occasions, work and weekdays. They are worn with a variety of clothing styles, including dresses, blouses and T-shirts. With proper consideration of length, layering and compatibility with clothes, women's gold chains add a touch of sophistication to any wardrobe.

Shoping at ZL JEWELRY online shop

Want to buy a women's gold chain - welcome to our official website. You can buy products made in different weaves, differing in weight, design, price. The most popular designs are as follows:

  1. Singaporean - a popular pattern, includes a number of interlocking links that create a rope effect. They are tightly woven together to form a strong and durable chain, ideal for everyday wear.
  2. Turtle - the pattern consists of small round links that are tightly woven together, resembling the scales of a turtle. Prefer to buy women's gold chain in this weave for those who like an elegant, graceful option.
  3. Figaro is a classical pattern that has been used for many years in women's jewellery. It consists of a series of small, flat links, interspersed with larger, elongated links.

In the shop you will also find pieces with popular plaits: Mona Lisa, Anchor, Basilisk, Charlotte, and other equally well-known and sought-after pieces. If you are interested in a handmade gold chain for women, you can make it to order. The craftsman will take into account the customer's wishes and the preferred cost of the jewellery.


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