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Crosses with stones

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Decorative cross "Radiance"Decorative cross "Radiance"
Артикул Х305671WM
Decorative cross "Radiance"
911 pln
Cross "Night path"Cross "Night path"
Артикул ХС17012021WM
Cross "Night path"
968 pln
Cross with stonesCross with stones
Артикул XB17015031M
Cross with stones
918 pln
Baptismal cross with stonesBaptismal cross with stones
Артикул ХК175089M
Baptismal cross with stones
532 pln
Cross "Magic patterns"Cross "Magic patterns"
Артикул X2648M
Cross "Magic patterns"
3 037 pln
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Cross "Northern Lights"Cross "Northern Lights"
Артикул X7841WM
Cross "Northern Lights"
13 173 pln
Figured crossFigured cross
Артикул X0912M
Figured cross
2 098 pln
Cross "Openwork Shine"Cross "Openwork Shine"
Артикул XA4573WM
Cross "Openwork Shine"
429 pln
Cross "Indefatigable Faith"Cross "Indefatigable Faith"
Артикул XC7464M
Cross "Indefatigable Faith"
5 864 pln
Cross "Openwork" with saintsCross "Openwork" with saints
Артикул XC178952M
Cross "Openwork" with saints
9 037 pln
Cross "Ruby Light"Cross "Ruby Light"
Артикул XC46143M
Cross "Ruby Light"
1 456 pln
Cross "Royal"Cross "Royal"
Артикул ХВ7631WG
Cross "Royal"
15 154 pln
Cross "Dream"Cross "Dream"
Артикул ХВ1564M
Cross "Dream"
14 766 pln
Cross "Diamond Path"Cross "Diamond Path"
Артикул ХВ1124G
Cross "Diamond Path"
416 pln
Cross "Elegance"Cross "Elegance"
Артикул X1238WM
Cross "Elegance"
544 pln
Cross "Individuality"Cross "Individuality"
Артикул ХВ1105M
Cross "Individuality"
5 261 pln
Cross "Openwork"Cross "Openwork"
Артикул XC1308M
Cross "Openwork"
9 376 pln
Cross "Glitter"Cross "Glitter"
Артикул Х45034WG
Cross "Glitter"
610 pln
Cross "Sincerity"Cross "Sincerity"
Артикул ХК46352G
Cross "Sincerity"
2 816 pln
Cross with a blue stoneCross with a blue stone
Артикул Х502145M
Cross with a blue stone
5 463 pln
Cross with black enamelCross with black enamel
Артикул KS125169M
Cross with black enamel
13 813 pln
Decorative cross with black diamondDecorative cross with black diamond
Артикул HK1854843M
Decorative cross with black diamond
1 030 pln
Decorative cross "Gentle"Decorative cross "Gentle"
Артикул ХВ154265M
Decorative cross "Gentle"
477 pln

The gold crosses with stones - elegance and luxury from ZL Jewelry

Inlaying religious objects is a long tradition, dating back to ancient times. Once it was impossible to wear any jewellery other than a cross, so they tried to embellish and change it to show not only their attitude towards religion, but also their status or social status. Crosses with stones from different epochs can be found in any historical museum in the world - they were inspired by the masters of jewelry company ZL Jewelry, creating their masterpieces.

Among the variety of models in the catalogue of the site, everyone can find a pendant that suits him or her completely - in style and in price. If desired, the manufacturer can make an accessory according to the drawings of the customer, or change the existing model. It is possible to change the type of stones, to increase their size or quantity, to combine several types of gold and minerals, including pearls, Swarovski crystals. Any alterations can be made online, in consultation with our consultants.

The exclusive gold crosses with stones - the right choice of jewellery

When buying, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the material, the clarity of the cut and the brilliance of the finished piece. Another important part of the purchase is to choose a gold chain to match the colour and style of the cross. You can easily find suitable models to choose from in the catalogue. The ZL Jewelry website features unique designs handcrafted by our artisans:

Buying of original gold jewellery

You can now buy custom-made crosses with stones in Poland at an attractive price on the ZL Jewelry website. Shipping is available to all major cities in Poland - Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Lodz, Poznan, Gdańsk, Katowice, Lublin. Payment also takes place online. And all the advantages of a real shop are preserved - quality guarantee, possibility of return, replacement of old jewellery with new, different price variations.


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