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Bracelets made of natural stones

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Bracelet FortuneBracelet Fortune
Артикул BN0956E
Bracelet Fortune
1 172 pln
Bracelet Arabian nightBracelet Arabian night
Артикул NB8109M
Bracelet Arabian night
3 220 pln
Bracelet InitialsBracelet Initials
Артикул B0934M
Bracelet Initials
3 558 pln
Bracelet "Pink cloud" with pearlsBracelet "Pink cloud" with pearls
Артикул B1005911L
Bracelet "Pink cloud" with pearls
1 333 pln
Bracelet "Sofia" with pearlsBracelet "Sofia" with pearls
Артикул B2202920G
Bracelet "Sofia" with pearls
1 059 pln
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Bracelet "Pearl Valley"Bracelet "Pearl Valley"
Артикул BJ260810E
Bracelet "Pearl Valley"
497 pln
Bracelet "Pearl"Bracelet "Pearl"
Артикул BJ260809M
Bracelet "Pearl"
761 pln
Bracelet "Dice"Bracelet "Dice"
Артикул B100904M
Bracelet "Dice"
4 172 pln
Bracelet "Skull" with volcanic lavaBracelet "Skull" with volcanic lava
Артикул B1005913WM
Bracelet "Skull" with volcanic lava
1 751 pln
Bracelet "Eastern night"Bracelet "Eastern night"
Артикул B1005912H
Bracelet "Eastern night"
721 pln
Bracelet "Crown" with black agateBracelet "Crown" with black agate
Артикул BK009M
Bracelet "Crown" with black agate
1 186 pln
Bracelet "Sphinx" quartzBracelet "Sphinx" quartz
Артикул BK008M
Bracelet "Sphinx" quartz
1 860 pln

Natural stone bracelets from ZL JEWELRY

A wide selection of fashionable and stylish bracelets for women attracts many of the fair sex. Women's bracelets made of natural stones are particularly popular. These bracelets will be an elegant decoration for a woman's wrist and give a bright accent image. Choosing the right jewellery will add mystery image and the power and energy of stones will attract the attention of every girl.

The advantage of natural stones is not only an attractive appearance but also filling the wearer with energy and strength. Stones will help to get rid of depression and mental stress, for many characterized by attracting good luck and material prosperity. Women's bracelets made of natural stones are in demand among celebrities, businessmen, and ordinary people who have excellent taste and love beautiful jewellery.

Bracelet with stones will be the main decoration to draw attention to beautiful hands. This jewellery will emphasize the refined taste of its owner, it is also a great solution as a gift for any event. Equally popular are bracelets with natural stones and cubic zirconia.

The online jewellery shop "ZL JEWELRY" offers a wide range of extravagant, elegant and original jewellery for women and girls. A variety of bracelets made of natural stones and cubic zirconia allows you to choose the best solution for every customer.

The advantage of buying jewelry bracelets made of natural stones in our online shop are

Why gold bracelets are so popular

Women's gold bracelets with stones are preferred by both men and women. Modern manufacturers' catalogues feature elegant jewellery made of precious materials. The jewellery comes in various shapes and types of stones. The most popular model is a gold bracelet with natural stones.

Such jewellery is chosen by many people who want to emphasize their individuality and unique taste. Bracelet with precious stones is not just a piece of jewellery, but a beautiful attribute that indicates the high status of its owner.

Gold bracelet will help to complement the female image, will accentuate the attractiveness of the wrist. For the stronger sex jewelry will accentuate the high status, image and good taste of its owner. Gold bracelet with stones is different versatility. It can be put on as a social event, and at a business meeting.

A range of gold bracelets for women

Our online catalogue features jewellery with stones such as:

The price of our jewellery is determined by the materials used, the type of gemstones, the extra costs, the complexity of the work and the exchange rate.

Good prices in Europe

To buy jewelry in the countries: Germany, Poland, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, we offer to read our online catalog. Leather bracelets and gold with natural stones will be a real surprise for every girl. The ZL JEWELRY shop presents a variety of jewellery for men and women.


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