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Earrings with stones

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Earrings "Sun cube"Earrings "Sun cube"
Артикул С0051G
Earrings "Sun cube"
1 703 pln
Puseti "Winter rose"Puseti "Winter rose"
Артикул С3217WM
Puseti "Winter rose"
998 pln
Studs "Star flowers"Studs "Star flowers"
Артикул С3564M
Studs "Star flowers"
2 138 pln
Studs "Emerald Rose"Studs "Emerald Rose"
Артикул С3145M
Studs "Emerald Rose"
857 pln
Studs "Geometry" with sapphiresStuds "Geometry" with sapphires
Артикул C2467M
Studs "Geometry" with sapphires
932 pln
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Earrings "Blind side"Earrings "Blind side"
Артикул С9835M
Earrings "Blind side"
1 793 pln
Studs "Classic"Studs "Classic"
Артикул С0301WG
Studs "Classic"
607 pln
Studs "Sunbeam"Studs "Sunbeam"
Артикул С0316M
Studs "Sunbeam"
476 pln
Earrings "Dream"Earrings "Dream"
Артикул С0203Е
Earrings "Dream"
6 416 pln
Sun and Moon earringsSun and Moon earrings
Артикул С1845WM
Sun and Moon earrings
8 771 pln
Studs "Diamond Boom"Studs "Diamond Boom"
Артикул С0312M
Studs "Diamond Boom"
924 pln
Earrings "Melody of the heart"Earrings "Melody of the heart"
Артикул С3012M
Earrings "Melody of the heart"
1 293 pln
Earrings "Abstract"Earrings "Abstract"
Артикул С9745М
Earrings "Abstract"
4 346 pln
Earrings "Abstraction"Earrings "Abstraction"
Артикул С3061G
Earrings "Abstraction"
1 871 pln
Earrings "Northern Lights"Earrings "Northern Lights"
Артикул С9836WG
Earrings "Northern Lights"
908 pln
Studs "Standard"Studs "Standard"
Артикул С9071WG
Studs "Standard"
443 pln
Studs "Power of fantasy"Studs "Power of fantasy"
Артикул С0341M
Studs "Power of fantasy"
1 367 pln
Studs "Ice passion"Studs "Ice passion"
Артикул С9037WL
Studs "Ice passion"
556 pln
Earrings "Sunshine"Earrings "Sunshine"
Артикул С5416G
Earrings "Sunshine"
766 pln
Earrings "Spring commotion"Earrings "Spring commotion"
Артикул С9030L
Earrings "Spring commotion"
1 199 pln
Earrings "Back to the past"Earrings "Back to the past"
Артикул С0021G
Earrings "Back to the past"
901 pln
Earrings "Flora"Earrings "Flora"
Артикул С3002M
Earrings "Flora"
1 742 pln
Studs "Sea miracle"Studs "Sea miracle"
Артикул С0907M
Studs "Sea miracle"
865 pln

Earrings with stones from the manufacturer "ZL Jewelry"

Gold earrings with stones are a popular choice for those who want to add elegance and sparkle to their collection of accessories. They come in different styles and designs, differ in the types of stones, they are suitable for formal and casual occasions. Accordingly, the cost of each piece of jewellery is different. Jewelry shop "ZL JEWELRY" offers to buy earrings with stones, which are presented in a wide range. This purchase is available to citizens residing in Poland. All you have to do is to visit the official website of the online shop and order the item you like online.


Main advantages of stud earrings

One of the main advantages of jewellery is that it can add a twist to any outfit. Whether you prefer classic diamond jewellery or something more vibrant like sapphires or emeralds, gold earrings with stones can be a great way to make a statement and add personality to your look.

They are versatile and can be worn with a variety of outfits, can add sophistication to a simple white T-shirt and jeans, be the perfect finishing touch to a formal evening dress, add sparkle to a work outfit.

Jewellery assortment from "ZL Jewelry" online shop

Gold earrings with stones are a popular choice for jewellery lovers. Each one has unique qualities and when combined with the elegance of gold, they create stunning jewellery that is treasured for a lifetime. Here you can buy gold earrings from the manufacturer with these stones:

  1. Pearls are a classic choice that never goes out of fashion. Earrings with it are combined with yellow or white gold, they can be worn both in formal and everyday occasions.
  2. Quartz comes in different colours, from transparent to pink to smoky brown. It is versatile and can add a touch of elegance to any outfit.
  3. Topaz is a great way to add colour to your jewellery collection. It comes in a variety of colours, from blue to yellow to pink, and blends with different shades of metal.
  4. Sapphire is a luxurious choice that can add glamour to any outfit. The stones are often paired with white gold to create a classic and sophisticated look.
  5. Garnet is a bold choice to add drama to a jewellery collection. It comes in various shades, from dark red to orange and green, and looks good with yellow and white gold.
  6. A diamond is an elegant stone that can add a highlight to any outfit. It is combined with white gold or platinum to create a classic and sophisticated look.
  7. Amethyst is a rich and regal stone that pairs well with both yellow and white gold.
  8. Emerald is a luxurious and sophisticated choice, known for its dark green colour , ideal for creating a classic and elegant look.

With such a wide choice of stones, there is sure to be a pair of gold earrings with stones to suit your price, style and taste.

"ZL Jewelry” is the best choice for shopping

At the online shop, you can buy earrings with stones at your convenience. You need to carefully study the catalogue and prices of the jewellery. For further information, please check the delivery and payment section and select the option you prefer. This service can be used by customers residing in Poland, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. Don't forget to look in the "News" section. There may be promotions in the store.


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