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Engagement rings

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Engagement ring "MuseEngagement ring "Muse
Артикул KR9731M
Engagement ring "Muse's Treasure"
1 392 pln
Engagement ring "Sunbeam"Engagement ring "Sunbeam"
Артикул KR9102M
Engagement ring "Sunbeam"
861 pln
Engagement ring "Angelic radiance"Engagement ring "Angelic radiance"
Артикул KR3151WM
Engagement ring "Angelic radiance"
1 331 pln
Engagement ring "Petite beauty"Engagement ring "Petite beauty"
Артикул KR3974M
Engagement ring "Petite beauty"
524 pln
Engagement ring "Magic mirror"Engagement ring "Magic mirror"
Артикул KR7541M
Engagement ring "Magic mirror"
1 503 pln
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Engagement ring "Temptation"Engagement ring "Temptation"
Артикул KR1503WM
Engagement ring "Temptation"
1 385 pln
Engagement ring "Rhombic facets"Engagement ring "Rhombic facets"
Артикул KR0302M
Engagement ring "Rhombic facets"
1 912 pln
Engagement ring "Cipher of love"Engagement ring "Cipher of love"
Артикул KR0913M
Engagement ring "Cipher of love"
1 598 pln
Engagement ring "Solar fan"Engagement ring "Solar fan"
Артикул KR0261M
Engagement ring "Solar fan"
1 222 pln
Engagement ring "Symbols of love"Engagement ring "Symbols of love"
Артикул KR3212M
Engagement ring "Symbols of love"
1 539 pln
Ring "Magic names"Ring "Magic names"
Артикул KO9874M
Ring "Magic names"
1 876 pln
Engagement ring "Venus"Engagement ring "Venus"
Артикул KR9764WM
Engagement ring "Venus"
1 731 pln
Engagement ring "Arrow of Cupid"Engagement ring "Arrow of Cupid"
Артикул KR2614M
Engagement ring "Arrow of Cupid"
1 444 pln
Engagement ring "Star tale"Engagement ring "Star tale"
Артикул KR1630WM
Engagement ring "Star tale"
1 474 pln
Engagement ring "Two halves"Engagement ring "Two halves"
Артикул KR1142M
Engagement ring "Two halves"
1 602 pln
Engagement ring "Harmony"Engagement ring "Harmony"
Артикул KR6412WM
Engagement ring "Harmony"
1 276 pln
Engagement ring "Rosalind"Engagement ring "Rosalind"
Артикул KR0939WM
Engagement ring "Rosalind"
964 pln
Engagement ring "Solaria"Engagement ring "Solaria"
Артикул КR1129M
Engagement ring "Solaria"
1 579 pln
Engagement ring "Flickering stars"Engagement ring "Flickering stars"
Артикул KR1452WM
Engagement ring "Flickering stars"
1 747 pln
Engagement ring "Intertwined fate"Engagement ring "Intertwined fate"
Артикул KR7511М
Engagement ring "Intertwined fate"
1 357 pln
Engagement ring "Cold heart"Engagement ring "Cold heart"
Артикул KR0181WM
Engagement ring "Cold heart"
884 pln

Top quality gold engagement rings from “ZL Jewelry” online shop

The moment of marriage proposal is the most exciting for a person wishing to get married. The process is often intimate, and sometimes public, accompanied by the giving of an expensive gift. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the most popular engagement ring has been a gold ring with stones. On the one hand it is a symbol of love and on the other it is a recognition of how delicate and beautiful the bride is. That's why all engagement rings are produced as an elegant accessory in which the main role is played by the decoration and inlay, rather than the gold itself.

Engagement rings are often made in the same style as the engagement ring so that the two can be combined harmoniously in the future. On our website you will easily find suitable items stylistically and material-wise. In any matter, consultants will help you promptly. The most important requirement - the size of the finger of the chosen one, and the rest can be chosen based on the temperament of the bride, eye colour, favorite occupation. For example, aquamarines and topazes for the creative type, rubies and garnets for the passionate type. Classic diamonds will be a symbol of strong love that nothing can destroy.

The custom engagement rings in a wide range

Exclusive models presented on the ZL Jewelry's online jewellery shop will help everyone to quickly determine the right accessory. Nearly a hundred pieces of jewellery are available in different sizes, styles, quantity of stones and types of gold:

As well as personalised weddings rings, engagement accessories can also be customised. An online constructor will allow you to choose the best arrangement of stones, choose the cut and type of gold. Experienced consultants will help at all stages of the order, specify the size and type of packaging, payment terms and production time.

Buy engagement rings in Europe

Whichever country you choose to live in - Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Etonia, Germany, Poland - the manufacturer ZL Jewelry will ensure prompt delivery to the right address. You do not need to spend time shopping, just go to our website and choose the accessory. Nice price, prompt execution of orders, high quality of gold and stones - all this is appreciated by our countrymen in Poland, as well as by Poles themselves.


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