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Golden icons

Baby iconsBaby iconsOn an ebony treeOn an ebony treeWith stonesWith stonesЮвелирные изделия на заказGolden icons to order
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Pendant "St. Guardian Angel"Pendant "St. Guardian Angel"
Артикул Р9814M
Pendant "St. Guardian Angel"
9 387 pln
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Icon "Archangel Michael"Icon "Archangel Michael"
Артикул Е1807М
Icon "Archangel Michael"
14 657 pln
Icon "Jesus" with initialsIcon "Jesus" with initials
Артикул E2431М
Icon "Jesus" with initials
9 915 pln
Icon "Charm"Icon "Charm"
Артикул E7344L
Icon "Charm"
19 649 pln
Icon AmuletIcon Amulet
Артикул E0975H
Icon Amulet
954 pln
Pendant "Guardian Angel"Pendant "Guardian Angel"
Артикул E5171M
Pendant "Guardian Angel"
21 235 pln
Pendant "Archangel Michael"Pendant "Archangel Michael"
Артикул E5412M
Pendant "Archangel Michael"
23 466 pln
Pendant "George the Victorious"Pendant "George the Victorious"
Артикул E1571M
Pendant "George the Victorious"
18 570 pln
Openwork icon on a wooden baseOpenwork icon on a wooden base
Артикул Е3120M
Openwork icon on a wooden base
12 241 pln
Ladanka "Virgin Mary"Ladanka "Virgin Mary"
Артикул E1246M
Ladanka "Virgin Mary"
1 242 pln
Icon "Holy Mother of God"Icon "Holy Mother of God"
Артикул Е94321M
Icon "Holy Mother of God"
7 318 pln
Ladanka openwork "Virgin Mary"Ladanka openwork "Virgin Mary"
Артикул E9431M
Ladanka openwork "Virgin Mary"
1 999 pln
Ladanka "Holy patterns"Ladanka "Holy patterns"
Артикул E3247M
Ladanka "Holy patterns"
1 682 pln
Icon "Charm"Icon "Charm"
Артикул E1143L
Icon "Charm"
3 858 pln
Icon "Sincere Faith"Icon "Sincere Faith"
Артикул E3245M
Icon "Sincere Faith"
9 739 pln
Icon openwork "Iberian"Icon openwork "Iberian"
Артикул E1354G
Icon openwork "Iberian"
2 187 pln

Gold icons, incense pendants and pendants with a religious theme at ZL Jewelry

Items of religious persuasion are always around us and influence us. Everyone at least once in their life has tried to find solace in their faith - and therefore has long used various amulets, such as crosses made of gold or pendants. In Christian practice, icons, images of patron saints and texts of prayers are very popular. Over the centuries such items have been transformed, but have always remained something more valuable than ordinary jewellery.

Often gold body icons and amulets were never shown to anyone, even though they were richly decorated and inlaid with stones. The millennia-old tradition of creating elements of religious purpose was embodied in accessories from the manufacturer ZL Jewelry.

How to choose the right gold wearable icons?

Traditionally, there has been a rather blurred division of this type of jewellery. Often something different and original was added to one kind, leaving the old name behind. In a simplified version we can distinguish such categories of jewellery accessories presented in our online shop “ZL Jewelry”:

Icons made of gold are often created using ebony or other precious wood. Customers, if they wish, can order custom-made body icons and incense holders. provides a wide range of materials for such an important piece of jewelry: different types of wood; white, yellow or red gold; diamonds or other precious stones; combination of metals; and enamel.

Buy personalized gold incense and icons in Europe from the manufacturer

The ease of online commerce allows you to quickly deliver the jewelry you like almost anywhere in the world. Now unique pieces from ZL Jewelry can be bought at an affordable price in Europe, with delivery by courier services. Wherever you are - in Poland, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia - it won't take long to order online. Safe payment by bank cards, fast delivery, huge catalog of products - some advantages of our online store "ZL Jewelry".


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