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Rope black combined leather and nylonRope black combined leather and nylon
Артикул L1905806G
Rope black combined leather and nylon
1 050 pln
Leather rope with prayer Our FatherLeather rope with prayer Our Father
Артикул L0910901G
Leather rope with prayer Our Father
3 921 pln
Leather rope "Hexagon"Leather rope "Hexagon"
Артикул L170902G
Leather rope "Hexagon"
13 470 pln
Rope "Cubes" with stonesRope "Cubes" with stones
Артикул L170901G
Rope "Cubes" with stones
8 919 pln
Leather rope with inserts "Army"Leather rope with inserts "Army"
Артикул L170903E
Leather rope with inserts "Army"
14 711 pln
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Rope with rectangular insertsRope with rectangular inserts
Артикул L170904M
Rope with rectangular inserts
9 290 pln

Original leather jewellery lanyards at ZL JEWELRY

Jewellery equally attracts the attention of men and women. Jewellery beckons with its brilliance and emphasises the status of its wearer in society . To make the pendant look great, it is important to choose a beautiful leather lanyard with a gold lock. Online shopping for precious metal jewellery is a great investment.

Jewellery comes in classic and casual styles. Although leather laces with gold have been around for a long time, the pieces remain in demand even today. Folk ethno-motifs are always on-trend.

What kind of occasion would a jeweled leather lanyard be suitable for?

Jewellery leather laces are versatile and perform several functions at once. The product can be a good gift for an anniversary, christening, birthday. The rope is suitable for youth style. But it can also be worn around the neck under everyday clothes and for a festive occasion.

The ZL JEWELRY online jewellery shop sells leather models made of high-quality, robust and durable material. The designs presented in this catalogue look presentable. Ideal for aesthetes to wear to work or on a date.

Rules of attire for lanyards with gold inlays and clasps

A leather neck lanyard with gold inlays goes well with a massive pendant adorned with gemstones. This look will fit perfectly at a party.

A wide rope gives a man a masculine and solid look. Narrow rope is more often chosen by women, all because it is able to highlight the grace of a woman's neck and shoulders.

The leather neck lanyard with a gold clasp can be a classic medium length. In modern times, fashionable designers call short variants. The final choice depends on the wish of the buyer. The elongated rope is usually wrapped around the neck twice.

The product is worn at any time: in winter over a jumper, in summer on the bare body. Along with the lace for a pleasant price you can buy an incense band. A wide range of jewellery allows you to add a suitable model to your jewelry box.

Buy a leather lanyard with gold inlays for the christening of a child can be under the golden cross. A gold necklace piriitakes a lot of attention. The rope looks discreet, you can wear it to school later and not be afraid of theft.

If you are choosing a gift and are not sure which model the giftee will like, give preference to a classic leather rope. This option is considered versatile.

How to properly care for a leather jewellery lanyard

When deciding to order a leather jewellery piece, avoid subsequent soaking of the jewellery. Leather deteriorates when it gets soaked through.

Rules that are important to know.

  1. Clean the lanyard with a soft cloth previously soaked in soapy water.
  2. If you forget to remove the rope when you go to the pool or get caught in the rain, remove the rope, lay it on a flat hard surface and leave it to dry at room temperature.
  3. To maintain the beautiful appearance of your jewellery, jewellers recommend that you wax dry it, which will give it that extra shine.
  4. For longer-lasting jewellery, the lanyard should be removed when you go to bed. Unwrapped storage is advisable to avoid creases and crumpled areas.

The custom jewellery laces at ZL JEWELRY

You can buy jewellery lanyard from the manufacturer in our shop from any place in Poland. The main thing is to have a post office where the parcel arrives. Delivery costs are small.

Our employees quickly arrange and ship jewelry to Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Estonia and other countries. All products are certified and their prices are reasonable.


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