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Exclusive golden handmade crosses

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Cross "Black Prince"Cross "Black Prince"
Артикул X7861M
Cross "Black Prince"
15 539 pln
Cross with faces of saintsCross with faces of saints
Артикул Х3219WМ
Cross with faces of saints
24 740 pln
Cross "Northern Lights"Cross "Northern Lights"
Артикул X7841WM
Cross "Northern Lights"
14 203 pln
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Cross "Guardians"Cross "Guardians"
Артикул Х3214E
Cross "Guardians"
15 323 pln
Cross AmuletCross Amulet
Артикул X7743M
Cross Amulet
15 833 pln
Cross "Wonderful patterns"Cross "Wonderful patterns"
Артикул X3276M
Cross "Wonderful patterns"
10 223 pln
Cross "Son of God"Cross "Son of God"
Артикул X1530M
Cross "Son of God"
22 962 pln
Cross "Royal sophistication"Cross "Royal sophistication"
Артикул X4641M
Cross "Royal sophistication"
20 008 pln
Cross "Andrew the First-Called"Cross "Andrew the First-Called"
Артикул XE7214WM
Cross "Andrew the First-Called"
14 860 pln
Cross "Andrew the First-Called"Cross "Andrew the First-Called"
Артикул XE5652M
Cross "Andrew the First-Called"
18 553 pln
Cross "Ornament"Cross "Ornament"
Артикул XE4641M
Cross "Ornament"
14 423 pln
Cross "Royal"Cross "Royal"
Артикул ХВ7631WG
Cross "Royal"
16 752 pln
Cross "Dream"Cross "Dream"
Артикул ХВ1564M
Cross "Dream"
16 216 pln
Cross "Royal Dream"Cross "Royal Dream"
Артикул XE4613M
Cross "Royal Dream"
4 222 pln
Cross "Special"Cross "Special"
Артикул XE1608M
Cross "Special"
12 413 pln
Cross "Individuality"Cross "Individuality"
Артикул ХВ1105M
Cross "Individuality"
5 778 pln
Cross "Exclusive"Cross "Exclusive"
Артикул XE5913WL
Cross "Exclusive"
11 879 pln
Cross "Guardian Angel"Cross "Guardian Angel"
Артикул XE1108M
Cross "Guardian Angel"
11 187 pln
Cross "Openwork"Cross "Openwork"
Артикул XC1308M
Cross "Openwork"
10 298 pln
Cross "Incredible Power"Cross "Incredible Power"
Артикул XE1308E
Cross "Incredible Power"
32 303 pln

Exclusive handmade gold crosses by “ZL Jewelry”

Men's handmade gold crosses are beautiful and meaningful pieces of jewellery that have been worn by members of the stronger half of humanity for centuries. They are often exclusive pieces as they are usually made to order and designed with great care and attention to detail. Handmade gold crosses are made of different kinds of gold, decorated with precious stones or other decorative elements.

If you have decided to order a men's gold cross, we recommend visiting the jewellery shop "ZL JEWELRY", where there is a large selection. You can choose a piece of jewellery from a catalogue. If you have not found what you want - at any time you can order a jewel from us. Our craftsman will take into account your wishes and requirements and will offer exclusive gold crosses for men according to your fantasies.

Variety of crosses of precious metals

There are several types of men's gold crosses. Some of the most common types are:

  1. The Latin is the traditional and recognisable type. It has a long vertical band crossed at the top by a shorter horizontal one. It is simple in design, but can be decorated with various decorative elements.
  2. Orthodox - similar to the Latin cross, but has three horizontal bars, with the upper one longer than the other two, has a deep spiritual meaning.
  3. Celtic: It has a circle or ring around the intersection of the bars, symbolising the sun or eternal life. It is often decorated with intricate patterns and other Celtic symbols.
  4. Crucifixion - a Latin cross with the figure of Jesus Christ attached to it. It is considered a powerful symbol of Christianity.

In the catalogue of the shop there are photos of jewellery items and the actual price is given. Here you can also choose other items: earrings, rings, golden icons. All products from the manufacturer are distinguished by high quality workmanship and perfect design.

The manufacture of men's gold crosses is a highly skilled craftsmanship that requires both technical skill and artistic creativity. The use of precious stones or other jewellery may require additional special techniques. Accordingly, the cost of the piece is formed with these factors in mind.

Points to consider when choosing a piece of jewellery

When choosing, it is important to consider design and symbolism that resonate with the wearer. Whether you are selecting it for yourself or as a gift for someone else, there are a few key factors to consider:

  1. Design. Men's gold crosses can range from simple and classic to ornate and intricate. Consider what design suits you or the person you want to give the gift to. It should reflect your personal style or the beliefs and values of the person who will be wearing it.
  2. Material. Gold crosses are often made of different types of gold, including yellow, white and rose gold. Choose the colour of gold that is more preferable to you or one that will complement the wearer's skin tone. You should also consider the quality of the gold. Products with a higher gold hallmark will be more valuable and more durable, but they are also priced slightly higher.
  3. Size. Consider the height of the person who will be wearing the cross and their personal preferences. A large piece may not be suitable for everyday wear or for those who prefer a more understated look.
  4. Weight. A heavy cross looks solid, but is uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. You should also consider whether the cross will be worn on a chain or on a lanyard, as this can affect the weight and feel of the cross.

Men's gold crosses can be worn with a variety of outfits and accessories. They are often paired with a simple gold chain or leather lanyard. But also with a more formal outfit: a suit or a classic shirt. Ultimately, combining a men's gold cross with other accessories will depend on a man's personal style and preferences.

Buying of golden jewellery online

If you live in Europe, such cities Poland, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria you can safely buy jewelry online. Our handy catalogue will help you choose your favourite jewellery. You can take a closer look at the colourful photo by enlarging the image. The right gold cross for men is one that speaks volumes about your personal style and beliefs. Take the time to consider these factors and choose a piece of jewellery that you will be proud to wear.


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