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Made of white gold

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Decorative cross "Radiance"Decorative cross "Radiance"
Артикул Х305671WM
Decorative cross "Radiance"
983 pln
Cross "Night path"Cross "Night path"
Артикул ХС17012021WM
Cross "Night path"
1 045 pln
Baptismal cross with white goldBaptismal cross with white gold
Артикул XA465624WG
Baptismal cross with white gold
715 pln
Cross "Northern Lights"Cross "Northern Lights"
Артикул X7841WM
Cross "Northern Lights"
14 203 pln
Cross "Openwork Shine"Cross "Openwork Shine"
Артикул XA4573WM
Cross "Openwork Shine"
463 pln
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Cross "Andrew the First-Called"Cross "Andrew the First-Called"
Артикул XE7214WM
Cross "Andrew the First-Called"
14 860 pln
Cross "Royal"Cross "Royal"
Артикул ХВ7631WG
Cross "Royal"
16 752 pln
Cross "Elegance"Cross "Elegance"
Артикул X1238WM
Cross "Elegance"
587 pln
Cross "Minimalism"Cross "Minimalism"
Артикул X6513WG
Cross "Minimalism"
365 pln
Cross "Combination"Cross "Combination"
Артикул X1534WL
Cross "Combination"
3 562 pln
Cross "Glitter"Cross "Glitter"
Артикул Х45034WG
Cross "Glitter"
674 pln
Cross on a tree in white goldCross on a tree in white gold
Артикул XE1010901WG
Cross on a tree in white gold
3 943 pln
Orthodox cross with white goldOrthodox cross with white gold
Артикул Х1532WМ
Orthodox cross with white gold
8 988 pln
"Original" cross in white gold"Original" cross in white gold
Артикул Х1551WM
"Original" cross in white gold
12 141 pln
"Our Father" cross in white gold"Our Father" cross in white gold
Артикул X1617WM
"Our Father" cross in white gold
10 274 pln
Cross with large diamondsCross with large diamonds
Артикул KR230802WM
Cross with large diamonds
2 678 pln
White gold crossWhite gold cross
Артикул KR210501WM
White gold cross
4 833 pln
Cross "Power of Faith"Cross "Power of Faith"
Артикул X7813WG
Cross "Power of Faith"
6 445 pln
Cross "Furious Force"Cross "Furious Force"
Артикул X9836WM
Cross "Furious Force"
28 795 pln
Openwork cross with white goldOpenwork cross with white gold
Артикул ХА123561WM
Openwork cross with white gold
1 210 pln
Cross in white gold with stonesCross in white gold with stones
Артикул KR190305WM
Cross in white gold with stones
721 pln

The exclusive white gold cross from ZL Jewelry

Everyone is well aware that there are several versions of precious metals. There are three classifications commonly used for gold - yellow, red and white. The latter variety is very popular in the modern world, as it allows wearing jewellery everyday, with any style of dress, for people of different ages.

On the one hand, because of its colour, the white gold diamond cross is almost invisible, visually lighter and more elegant. On the other hand, people may associate the colour of the metal with either silver or platinum. The peculiarity of this variety is also the fact that the metal can be an excellent base for gemstones, as it does not take over the attention as it does with other, bright types of gold. Diamonds and coloured stones take on a lightness and weightlessness, emphasising their cut and shape.

Buy white gold cross at “ZL Jewelry” online shop

Before you buy a pendant, you need to decide on its intended use, because there are different models on the website for every occasion:

In addition to the white gold pendant itself, it is necessary to choose a matching chain made of the same metal. If in doubt, our consultants will help you create a unique combination of jewellery from the items in our shop.

Buying a white gold cross in Poland

Many Ukrainians are permanently or temporarily in this country, and Poles are increasingly paying attention to jewelry of higher quality - that is why ZL Jewelry has opened its store in Europe. Poland, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria - and other countries receive prompt delivery of ordered jewelry. It only takes a few minutes to buy your favourite white gold cross with stones from the comfort of your own home.


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