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Pendant "Little Princess"Pendant "Little Princess"
Артикул PD3209G
Pendant "Little Princess"
550 pln
Pendant "Boy" with sapphirePendant "Boy" with sapphire
Артикул PD4009G
Pendant "Boy" with sapphire
712 pln
Pendant "Girl" with stonesPendant "Girl" with stones
Артикул PD4109G
Pendant "Girl" with stones
802 pln
Pendant "Boy" with stonesPendant "Boy" with stones
Артикул PD4309G
Pendant "Boy" with stones
359 pln
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Pendant "Gorgon Medusa"Pendant "Gorgon Medusa"
Артикул Р7412M
Pendant "Gorgon Medusa"
6 481 pln
Suspension "Parts of the World"Suspension "Parts of the World"
Артикул РВ1608G
Suspension "Parts of the World"
3 326 pln
Pendant "Anchor"Pendant "Anchor"
Артикул PK0116M
Pendant "Anchor"
1 463 pln
Pendant "Arina"Pendant "Arina"
Артикул P7461M
Pendant "Arina"
1 178 pln
Pendant "Diamond Love"Pendant "Diamond Love"
Артикул P7513WM
Pendant "Diamond Love"
1 133 pln
Pendant "Emerald light"Pendant "Emerald light"
Артикул P4237M
Pendant "Emerald light"
2 550 pln
Pendant "Little Princess"Pendant "Little Princess"
Артикул R74161M
Pendant "Little Princess"
2 575 pln
Pendant "Selena"Pendant "Selena"
Артикул Р16092020WM
Pendant "Selena"
880 pln
Pendant "Bella" with a diamondPendant "Bella" with a diamond
Артикул K1406904WM
Pendant "Bella" with a diamond
292 pln
Pendant "Fak"Pendant "Fak"
Артикул P0905937M
Pendant "Fak"
2 911 pln
Pendant "Witch" with sapphiresPendant "Witch" with sapphires
Артикул P0905938WM
Pendant "Witch" with sapphires
3 651 pln
Pendant "Openwork drop" with topazPendant "Openwork drop" with topaz
Артикул P0905941WM
Pendant "Openwork drop" with topaz
1 419 pln
Pendant "Dragon" with stonesPendant "Dragon" with stones
Артикул P0905942WM
Pendant "Dragon" with stones
2 303 pln
Pendant "Lady"Pendant "Lady"
Артикул PD2709G
Pendant "Lady"
407 pln
"Excitement" pendant"Excitement" pendant
Артикул Р1044М
"Excitement" pendant
18 206 pln

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