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Pendant "Little Princess"Pendant "Little Princess"
Артикул PD3209G
Pendant "Little Princess"
613 pln
Pendant "Boy" with sapphirePendant "Boy" with sapphire
Артикул PD4009G
Pendant "Boy" with sapphire
793 pln
Pendant "Girl" with stonesPendant "Girl" with stones
Артикул PD4109G
Pendant "Girl" with stones
894 pln
Pendant "Boy" with stonesPendant "Boy" with stones
Артикул PD4309G
Pendant "Boy" with stones
400 pln
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Pendant "Flower of Wishes"Pendant "Flower of Wishes"
Артикул Е1216E
Pendant "Flower of Wishes"
395 pln
Pendant "Tree of Life" with diamondsPendant "Tree of Life" with diamonds
Артикул Е5331WM
Pendant "Tree of Life" with diamonds
3 941 pln
Pendant "Clover" with onyxPendant "Clover" with onyx
Артикул Е1446М
Pendant "Clover" with onyx
1 565 pln
Pendant "Letter"Pendant "Letter"
Артикул Е1534M
Pendant "Letter"
500 pln
"Matchstick" pendant"Matchstick" pendant
Артикул Е1255M
"Matchstick" pendant
920 pln
"Lighthouse" pendant"Lighthouse" pendant
Артикул Е1062М
"Lighthouse" pendant
2 070 pln
The Diamond Star pendantThe Diamond Star pendant
Артикул Е3031М
The Diamond Star pendant
1 075 pln
"Dagger" pendant"Dagger" pendant
Артикул Е8190М
"Dagger" pendant
2 855 pln
"Hamsa" pendant"Hamsa" pendant
Артикул Е0290М
"Hamsa" pendant
5 298 pln
Pendant "Bear" with diamondsPendant "Bear" with diamonds
Артикул Е2290М
Pendant "Bear" with diamonds
8 775 pln
"Racket" pendant"Racket" pendant
Артикул Е1423М
"Racket" pendant
2 863 pln
"Family crest" pendant"Family crest" pendant
Артикул Е2561E
"Family crest" pendant
17 832 pln
The Brilliant Star pendantThe Brilliant Star pendant
Артикул Е1337G
The Brilliant Star pendant
1 703 pln
"King of Beasts" pendant"King of Beasts" pendant
Артикул Е8490М
"King of Beasts" pendant
6 523 pln
"Intertwining" pendant"Intertwining" pendant
Артикул Е1131М
"Intertwining" pendant
2 966 pln
Sunshine pendantSunshine pendant
Артикул Е9251М
Sunshine pendant
3 110 pln
"Drop" pendant"Drop" pendant
Артикул Е0001М
"Drop" pendant
778 pln

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