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Men's chains
Chain JTBChain JTB Photo-1
Chain JTB
Chain JTB Photo-1

Chain JTB

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* when changing the grade, the color of the finished product may differ from the image of the product in the photo
First way

It is necessary to impose your ring on the most suitable stencil, on which the dimensions are indicated. The contour of the stencil must lie exactly along the inner contour of the ring. When choosing between two sizes, choose the largest.

Download template
Second way

You will need a pen, thread or paper strip about 4 millimeters wide. In this case, the thread should not stretch. Loosely wrap a thread or paper strip around your finger and mark the docking point with a pen. After that, straighten the thread or strip and put it on the size ruler. When choosing between two suitable sizes, choose the larger one.

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Third way

Cut out the size strip, cut in the designated place, thread the sharp end into the cut - you get a paper ring. Put it on your finger and tighten, but not very tight. The fixed value on the size scale is your ring size.

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You can order this product in the desired size and with the desired insert.
Warranty for all products
Product Warranty
All jewelry produced by the Golden Lily Jewelry Manufactory is hallmarked. Assay supervision inspections before branding are tested for the content of precious metals, in accordance with the rules of Assay Supervision and the law of Ukraine. Only after a positive result is the piece of jewelry supplied with the appropriate stamp. Products with precious stones of 1-4 orders, as well as stones of organogenic origin, are purchased from suppliers with ready-made certificates, such as GIA, HRD Antwerpen, GGCU and others, or are certified by an in-house gemologist.More...
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Exchange old for new
Exchange old for new
Finished products and jewelry made of gold of any standard, as well as their parts, are accepted for exchange. When exchanging or ordering, if the weight of the purchased product is equal to the weight of the delivered metal, you pay only the cost of manufacturing - from 350 UAH / gram of the product. Additionally, the weight of the purchased jewelry includes the loss of metal during manufacture (waste * 10%).More...
Credit for all products
Credit for all products
To apply for an installment plan or a loan, you just need to provide your passport data and an identification code. Loan processing is possible throughout Ukraine!More...

Chain in red gold, cast, new anchor weave, with inserts. One inserts with the initials "JTB" and the other inserts with flags. The inserts are covered with enamel. Weight varies according to length. 

Our experts will make your order exclusive!
We can make this product in any color of gold (does not affect the cost), in samples of gold 585*, 750* and also in silver 925*. Change or add to the design of any finished jewelry from our catalog, as well as create a piece of jewelry according to your sketch.
Exclusive order
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Chain JTBChain JTB
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Chain JTB
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